Trends and Things to Consider for a Social Intranet

So there can be quite a movement in intranet enterprising by the way of socials. Though skepticism can be heard from lots of companies, social intranet has its advantages. Really. Imagine a million of leads you’ll miss by way of not integrating socials in your intranet. That would be awful I guess.

Social intranet might not over pass current socials now but it can do a company’s purpose. Aside from the fact that it can provide social apps for business solutions, and better info retention, social intranet can improve an enterprise’s information environment. It keeps your company from exerting much effort; self service comes in through the social network.

But, what would you consider in order to provide a good social intranet for your enterprise or business?


Social intranet development can be quite expensive. It needs investment as all other businesses do. This money can either come from company reserves, savings or a sponsor or a loan. As long as you produce it legally you are now ready to improve or upgraded your intranet services.


The way it will look like and its features should be talked about in a meeting. It shouldn’t be done hastily or rapidly. You can ask yourself some questions like, will you allow comments, linking, niche-ing from other social media, how will you organize file loads, how much will be shown to the public, etc. Then what will it be for? Will it suit your company’s objectives and goals? Will you be achieving the goals you wanted through the design or the plan?

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Solutions developer and IT developer can be anywhere. One can choose from many across the internet but you can visit site offices of these developers too for assurance. So to make sure that you do everything right, check your providers’ legitimacy and make sure they are duly registered and capable. And you can’t let only one person to do it, two or more heads are better than one.


So every technology needs a beta run. It needs a practice to locate hidden glitches and predict its efficiency and success in the future. And if it doesn’t work well for the beta run, save it, tweak it and run it again. One just doesn’t give up easily. You will realize later that you had made the right choice even with the risks.

So those were all about social intranet and the way to establish it correctly. It isn’t much detailed given the circumstances of this articles length but I hope it helps much. More professional help can be extended to you out there in the internet. You can search for other social designs too to base it upon but don’t copy. You’re enterprise success later will depend on your intranet’s usability and uniqueness.

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