Turning to Social Media and WebApps

In a fast moving Internet environment, advisors and consultants keep talking about the best mobile apps, social media sites, Social media resources and even financial mobile applications, despite the issue regarding customer service and compliance. This trend is likely to continue as technologies keep on appearing and as huge multinationals fight over the control of the technological market.

In 2011 more than 16% of marketing and social media advisors said they use social media to improve their businesses while another 31% accepted not having a plan to use it as presented in a recent Advisor Benchmarking report. It has become clear that the future of marketing is tightly related to social media channels.

Evidently, There’s a reason why more consultants are changing their approach to social media: because LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and other sites and applications are helping companies reduce marketing expenses, improve client support and, inevitably increase revenue, says Amy McIlwain, president of Financial Social Media.

Despite the fact that advisors and consultants have initially avoided using social and mobile apps, there are a variety of straight forward apps that make it easier than ever before for financial advisors keep control of their business, clients and the huge amounts of information within the industry.

If you are in charge of your company´s finances and/or marketing strategy you should look into switching to social media resources and web applications to manage your company. If you decide not to use the available resources online your company will probably miss out a great marketing opportunity. It is time for you and your marketing team to wonder if you need to turn into social media and webapps to increase your company´s presence online.

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However, it is important for you and your team to realize that there are two different approaches to online marketing. The first one is know as black hats techniques, which are all of the marketing techniques that do not attempt to find illegal short cuts to make a company´s online presence stronger. There are also white hat techniques, which are all of the techniques that use proper routes to make a company´s online presence more successful.

Finally, it is not so easy to make a company´s online marketing techniques successful. But remember, using social media and webapps to make your company more visible will be the trend for the following years. Talk to your marketing team and you should work on an online marketing strategy that includes social media and webapps.

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