Universal Remote Apps: Control your Home Theater with your Smart Phone

Any home theater enthusiast knows, with lots of equipment, comes lots of different remotes. This can pose inconveniences for a number of reasons. The most apparent annoyance multiple remotes cause, is that they are confusing for guests and non-technologically inclined housemates. Aside from that, they’re cluttered, and destroy any semblance of a minimalist aesthetic. The good news is, if you’re an Iphone or Droid user, there are apps available to solve your conundrum.

BlueIR Universal Remote Control (Droid)

This app works to run your TV, DVD, audio, and any other home theater equipment you have. the app is meant to run devices that can read infrared (IR) signals from remote controls, so if you don’t have hardware that uses IR, this app won’t work. The IR beam is high-powered, you don’t have to aim your phone or tablet at the device, and can sometimes even control it from the next room. This app works with any number of devices, and may be the key to consolidating your cluttered coffee table.

iRule (iOS and Droid)

This universal remote control app seems to be a user favorite. With it’s sleek design, and use of wi-fi, it’s not only elegant, but easy to use. This incredibly user-friendly app,  has an entirely customizable menu, making it one of the more personable options. iRule works with IR devices, and can also work with TCP/IP-based devices. For the more fully-functioning versions of the app, you’ll have to pay, but based on user reviews, it seems worth it. If you’re looking for a user-friendly, high-functioning, universal remote app to control your home theater and more, check out iRule.

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Dijit (iOS and Droid)

Dijit is a widely loved universal remote control app. In order to operate Dijit, you’re required to use of a piece of hardware called Griffin Beacon. The Griffin Beacon’s job is to read the mobile signal, and translate into a signal home theater devices can read, such as IR. Perhaps the most versatile of all universal remote apps, it can run anything from your receiver to your X-Box, all from your phone. The Dijit app is free, but the Griffin Beacon is eighty dollars. Based on user-reviews, and it’s multitude of capabilities, it’s a price that seems well-worth it.

RedEye (iOS, Droid, and beyond)

The RedEye is by far the most expensive item on the list, with the base station alone starting at two-hundred dollars. With that in mind, it’s good to know that it also compatible with the most diverse amount of operating systems, working on everything from an ipod touch, to a Kindle Fire. It also has an incredible library of devices that operate with it as well, allowing it to work with the majority of all home theater equipment. With customizable preferences and menus, RedEye really does have it all. It’s a fairly complicated system, so be sure to check out their website for more info.

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