Useful Android Apps To Pay Bills Online

All of the apps mentioned on this article are free. But, you should always be suspicious of any app that deals with your money. When you put your bank details into the hands of another, you are trusting them. They have little incentive not to rob you blind, and if their app is free then they have even less incentive to remain honest. Even though you may recognize the names of the companies offering these apps, you should still treat them with extreme skepticism.

The bigger brand names only really have their name to protect. For example, if Capital One were found to have a faulty and insecure app, then they would lose a lot of credibility and a lot of money.

Capital One Mobile Banking

This is one of those sexy free apps, which is surprising because free apps are often the cause of concern. However, Capital One is a well-known company who have a lot to lose if they start playing it fast and loose with their apps or security. Still, trust should be earned instead of unconditionally given. It gives you access to different balance accounts, each with its own features that you can use to monitor your accounts and pay your bills.

Banking Apps – It has apps that allow you to access your bank accounts.

Credit Card Account – check your balance or pay your credit card bill.

Check Deposit Feature – find out if your deposit has gone through and been credited to your account yet.

Check My Account Anytime – check your Capital One account at any point in the day and check other money fund balances.

Check My Balances – program it with your lending and spending account details (not all of them), and it will allow you to check your balance for them.

Keep Track Of Spending – it shows you how much you have cleared in your account, and how much you will have when the money has come out.

Pay bills online – it will allow you to pay your bills online and see the balances of your debt or bills.

Ascend Federal Credit Union

This is a fun app for all the features it gives you, which you may not find on a lot of other apps. It allows you to pay your debts and bills, but tries to run beyond those facts in order to become an app that you use more often during the day.

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Ascend Federal Credit Union Access – it gives you secure access to your accounts with the company.

Locator Search – allows you to find your nearest financial centre that is run by Ascend.

ATM locator – it shows you where your nearest free ATM machine is.

Check Your Accounts – you can check any of your Ascend accounts with the app.

History Review – it just gives you a review and details of the history of your Ascend accounts.

View Your Cancelled Checks – in an odd move they allow you to look at the front and the back of cancelled checks.

Transfer Money – you can use the app to transfer money between your accounts.

Pay Other People – this is a function that you can use to pay other people or to pay your bills if you wish.

VACU Mobile Banking

This is a banking app with a very nice deposit feature. VACU stands for the Virginia Credit Union, and they have a mobile banking app that allows you to have 24/7 access to your accounts via a secure connection. This means that you may pay your bills online.

24/7 Secure Access – to all of the VACU accounts you have.

Check My Balances – check the balance of any of your VACU accounts.

Transfer Money – you can do this between your VACU accounts

Alter Bill Payments – you can change who you pay your money to, and delete your scheduled bill payments

Pay Existing Accounts – you can make bill payments to accounts that are already on your VACU account. They are not too keen on you setting up new ones via the app, which is a sound security precaution.

Encrypted Transmissions – They use SSL Secure Sockets Layer to encrypt their electronic communication. They are all supposed to do this, but this app brags about it.

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