Vid211 Video Phone

Looks Like A Sony Ericsson

This phone looks just like a Sony Ericsson mobile phone right down to the screen display but it is packed with state of the art surveillance features including time and date stamping, motion detection and covert recording. This spy phone can record video front facing while the phone is in a horizontal position. The undetectable covert HD wide angle camera is located in the top of the phone when the phone’s laid down flat or is in a horizontal position, it will look like you are using the phone normally or sending a text, but you are actually recording HD video footage. To play back the footage which has been recorded in ASF files can be done on any MAC or PC and can be put onto DVD or CD.

How Can This Device Be Used?

This device can be used in a variety of ways to gather proof during either static or mobile covert surveillance when other types of hidden or covert camera will not be covert or flexible enough. If you wish to video someone or record a conversation in a pub or restaurant this device can just be placed on the table near the people who you want to record and the phone will record it for you.

A private detective was engaged to pose as an interested customer at a business where the owner suspected sabotage. For months the owner was concerned that new customer sales statistics had declined but plenty of new customers had visited the business to discuss business with the four sales people. He had a feeling someone was poaching customers and he had a good idea who it was. His nephew was working for him, as a favour to his brother and although there was something about him that the owner did not trust he had a very good sales record. The owner had never trusted his nephew but he was in a sticky situation whereby he needed a good salesman but he had never trusted or liked his nephew. His concern for the lost sales and his mistrust for his nephew, he decided to hire a private detective to get to the bottom of it.

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The private detective came up with a plan to use a number of his colleagues to pose as customers to see if any of the sales persons where up to no good. This operation took a few weeks to carry out as not all the customers were being stolen from the company. The first three attempts by the agents were sold to properly, however the forth agent, who was posing as a very wealthy man with lots of different needs, was asked to lunch the next day by the nephew. During the lunch the nephew dropped the price considerably and told the man he would need to deal directly with him from now on as he was cutting his uncle out of the deal. Our agent took the recordings he had taken using his covert video mobile phone to the owner who promptly held a family meeting. All the adult members of the owner’s family attended including the nephew and the owner’s brother and their parents. He told them all that he was being stolen from and wanted the family to watch the video to see if they recognised anyone. He had covered himself and shown his nephew to be the crook he is.

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