Warranty Hotel: An App for Storing and Digitizing Your Paper Warranties

Where do you store all of the warranty information you get after making a major purchase?

You know what I’m talking about – the papers and papers of fine print detailing what type of coverage you bought and for how long you will be covered? If you’re like me, you stuff it somewhere alongside all of other “what-if” documents you’ve accumulated like receipts (what if those shoes don’t match that dress?) and business cards (what if i do ever have time to get that massage?) and all of the other paperwork you save, “just in case”.

If your “junk drawer” is as crammed as mine is, you’ll be glad to hear about a new app meant for organizing you warranties and overall simplifying your life.

Did somebody say less clutter? I’m in!

Warranty Hotel allows you to store and organize your service plans via a password-protected cloud-based service app that can be accessed from pretty much anywhere. The first of its kind, the app is not an impeccably created product; however it sure does the job for pack-rats like me.

Warranty Hotel is optimized for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Users simply register for the app by entering personal contact information like name, email, cell number and so on…and from there are greeted with a welcome message in their inbox.

How it Works

Users can input information regarding their purchase and warranty program by either manually entering data about it (like date of purchase, whether the transaction was cash or credit, and what store it was bought at) by taking a snapshot of the purchase receipt and/or warranty or scanning a QR code with the app’s built-in reader function.

Now you can collect and digitize all of your purchase-paperwork including extended warranties, receipts, proofs-of-purchase and other documents you want to save but not allow to take up so much space in your home. Accessing the files once they are digitized is easy: you can look them up via keywords like “Home Depot” or “microwave” – and you can upload as many warranties as you’d like.

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The one quirk of this app, however, is that it lacks optical character recognition technology. So, even though you can shoot a pic of your warranty, the text on the paperwork will not be digitized. Instead, you’ll need to manually type in the product info. Also, you cannot search for text that has been scanned – nor can you move scanned data around. However, the makers of Warranty Hotel are working on it, so hopefully we will see these feature added to the app in the near future.

All in all, for 99 cents, the Warranty Hotel is a pretty nifty place to book a room for all of those papers you want to tuck away for safe-keeping.

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