Watch TV Anytime, Anywhere With Your Device

What if you could watch your favorite TV shows from your computer, tablet, or smartphone regardless of your location? Do you wish the contents of your DVR could be accessed anytime, anywhere from your portable viewing device? How would you like to have access to nearly limitless On Demand titles away from home? The Hopper makes all of these dreams a reality!

Hopper allows users to view their favorite shows and movies from a variety of internet-enabled portable devices, as well as providing access to more than 15,000 On Demand titles available through HBO, Blockbuster@Home, STARZ, and a variety of other channels from any iPad or computer. One can also order Pay-Per-View films and events at the touch of a button on his or her remote control. Why drive through the rain to the video store or pay the high price of sporting event tickets when you can access virtually any movie or event from the comfort of your home?

Moreover, Hopper customers can use a Sling-enabled DVR to transfer pre-recorded media to their iPads to be viewed even when an internet connection isn’t available a perfect way to entertain the lone traveler and the entirely family alike on journeys away from home! And with a massive 2 TB hard drive, Hopper can record and store up to 2,000 fun-filled hours of programming enough for even the most avid TV and film enthusiasts.

Users can also record up to six live channels simultaneously during prime time, and are also enabled to stream up to four recorded programs to different TVs at the same time. No more begrudgingly allowing your partner or kids to turn off your favorite show, and say goodbye likewise to the days of roommate battles for the remote!

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What’s more, Hopper offers two must-have features that are available only through DISH. With Prime Time Anytime a program exclusive to Hopper one can not only access up to three hours of prime time programming in the eight days following the initial air date, but can also save his or her most valued prime time media for endless future viewing! The Hopper also gives users one of the most sought-after powers among TV enthusiasts: the ability to bypass commercials included in recorded prime time programs from ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC. Why allow advertisements to waste your time and interrupt your favorite programs when you can simply skip over them?

The Hopper Whole-Home DVR not only offers users the utmost freedom when it comes to TV and film viewing, but also supports multiple applications when connected to broadband internet. Through its Facebook, Twitter, MLB Network, Pandora, and various other apps, Hopper allows one to use his or her TV to access everything from social networking sites to the latest sports news to internet radio and more!  With all this new technology at your fingertips there is no longer any reason for you to miss out on your favorite shows, sporting events or social media messages.

With countless features designed make the most of your viewing experience whether at home or away from it DISH’s Hopper is the perfect accessory to any lifestyle!

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