What is a Ionic Hair Dryer

The ionic hair dryer is a blow dryer that produces negative ions to dry hair. This technology helps prevent split ends, and frizzy hair. The ionic dryer also dries and nourishes the hair from the inside out.

How does an ionic hair dryer work?

Unlike regular dryers that use plastic or metal elements to diffuse positive ions, an ionic hair dryer uses ceramic or tourmaline to generate negative ions that actually breakdown the water molecules in the hair, allowing it to get absorbed into the hair shafts. This makes the hair shinier, fuller, and soft. It also eliminates the frizz that that occurs due to static electricity.

The heating elements of regular dryers emit intense and uneven heat, essentially “cooking” the water inside of your hair out. If you don’t take measures to protect your hair, prolonged use of these dryers will make your hair to grow brittle and start breaking off – as hair cannot stand this regular flash-frying for long. But with an ionic hair dryer, you don’t have to worry about such issues.

Ionic hair dryers produce radiant, “far infrared heat,” which penetrates hair shafts safely and nourishes the hair inside out instead of heating it from the outside in. This explains why these dryers are the choice of top hair stylists all over the world.

How to Use an Ionic Hair Dyer

Contrary to what you might think, an ionic hair dryer is not hard to use. Although ionic hair dyers come with varying features, they don’t require different techniques to use.

If you’re wondering how to go about using an ionic hair dryer, you can use the following guide:

1. Wash your hair thoroughly. Always wash your hair before blow drying. Using a moisturizing shampoo can provide your hair with extra moisture, which will in turn boost the effects of the ionic hair dryer.

2. Wrap a towel around your hair and rub very gently to stop dripping. Although your hair doesn’t need to be very dry while using an ionic blow dryer, it shouldn’t be excessively soaked or dripping all over the place.

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3. Choose the right dryer attachment and temperature settings for your desired style. Ionic hair dryer diffuser attachment helps achieve sleek and healthy-looking curls without creating frizz and static. Remember to choose a dryer temperature that matches your hair style.

4. Divide your hair into small sections. Separating your hair into 5 – 7 sections helps achieve superior results. Ensure there are no tangled up strands of hair. You can use clips if you have long, thick hair. For extremely short hair, two or three sections are enough.

5. Start drying at the roots of your hair, while maintaining a small distance from the scalp. Direct the dryer “down” the hair shafts, from the roots to the ends, and keep it about seven inches away from the scalp.

6. Work your way down, and avoid focusing the dryer on one spot. Continue with the rest of the hair sections until you’re done with your whole head.

7. Finish off with a blast of cold air. Once you’ve finished drying all of your hair; use the “cool shot” option on your dryer to create a blast of cold air to set your finished hair style.

Useful Tips for Drying Your Hair with an Ionic Hair Dryer

– Although an ionic hair dryer is quite safe, you should avoid using it when taking a bath or shower, or in any other place where it can get into contact with water.

– Carefully read and follow the warnings or instructions for your dryer before use.

– Avoid excessive blow drying. Try not to dry your hair more than four times a week – as this is enough. For each blow drying session, don’t exceed an hour-and-a-half.

– Don’t dry freshly-colored hair.

– You can use a moisturizing spray or olive oil to achieve a smoother finish.

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