What Is An Ice Auger?

Ice augers are devices that are designed to create precise holes in ice sheets for accessing the water below for a number of practical applications. They are available in different settings to suit specialty ice drilling roles.

The Design

Changes in technology have led to metamorphic changes in the design of ice augers. Unlike in the past when one had to struggle with inefficient and bulky elements today, (thanks to modern technology) there are high-tech ice augers which feature a smaller motor (compared to the older varieties) – lightweight, small in size and almost ten times more effective.

An ice auger is made up of two essential parts, notably: a threaded helical shaft and a source of power (can be manual, gas or electric). This simple design makes them easy for anyone to use.

Practical applications

A common use of this handy device is in ice fishing. The fisherman uses an auger to drill a hole to access the water underneath the ice sheet to fish. Ice fishing has over the years gained immense popularity as a recreation activity especially in regions of the world where there is ice. Aside from that, an ice auger is useful in exploration and scientific research as it can be used to make holes through ice for collection of core samples. Geologists and Climatologist can utilize them in their work.

Types of Ice Augers

There are three predominant types of ice augers:

*Manual Ice Augers
*Gas Powered Ice Augers
*Electric Ice Augers

Manual Ice Augers

These are the most basic types of augers available today. They rely on manual strength to work which can often be a chore for those with limited fitness levels. The job of using a manual auger gets even harder once the ice sheet gets thicker than 12 inches which can pose a headache if you like to drill numerous holes.

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That said, modern hand augers are much easier to have better blade designs and more advanced ergonomic handles than their yesteryear counterparts making the job less strenuous.

Their simple design makes them the best choice for budget minded anglers. They are normally effective on thin ice.

Gas Ice Augers

If you want to drill through large sheets of ice in a manner similar to working a knife through butter, nothing compares to gas augers. They are the best choice for seasoned anglers due to their reliability, efficiency and durability. Though at times they can be prone to not cooperating, gas augers are the best for drilling endless holes.

Electric Ice Augers

If you’re looking for an auger that is lighter, quiet and residual free, your best bet lies with the battery powered variety. This model is highly effective especially for short term projects. It is more environmentally friendly than its gas powered counterpart and it exhibits much more power than its hand powered buddy.

What is an ice auger? Bottom line

Well, now that you are familiar with the specific types of ice augers available out there in the world, we hope that you are going to have an easy time ordering for your best model.

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