Which Programming Language to Learn?

Every day new programming languages are popping up with the vow to provide advanced and better services than the existing one. The students aspiring for an expertise in a language is in dilemma which one to select. In the IT sector, a technology quickly becomes outdated. What is of high value and drastic demand at present may be of no use a year or two hence.

There is no doubt that the people who are aware of appropriate programming language will easily find their desired job in this computer driven world. How to determine which is the most dominant programming language at present? Mobile technology and cloud based solutions are leading the market and therefore the professionals who have skills that will fit into this matrix are most sought after.

The programming language to learn

Measured and well planned step is crucial before making any kind of decision. You can seek training in a programming language with the hope that it will help to rapidly get a placement. But this will not happen when the skill is not relevant. In order to learn about the best and most sought after programming language, go through different studies and surveys. However, deriving statistics from the job vacancies will not be of much help. Instead you may focus on the news and articles covered by the specialist recruitment organisations.

It is not that a new language is always better. The current trend in the IT industry shows that there is strong demand for Java developer in the IT industry. It is expected that the Java programming language will continue to maintain its dominant position in the coming year also.

The growing demand for Java developers

The Java developers programme Java Scripts on commercial websites to produce moving images, animation, drop down menus and sounds and music. The cloud computing solutions, mobile technology, satellite and navigation concepts have all emerged the demand for skilled professionals in this sector. Programming skills are transferable and therefore you can gather expertise in more than one programming language. Pick up the language that interests you the most.

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The training process

Training courses for Java is usually about two years. A student from any background can enrol in the training programme. It is also possible to take the training while you are already in a job. The job requirements may create the need to learn the programming language or you may have the intention to acquire expertise of a particular language. There will be no one denying the fact that seasoned employees have a better opportunity in the industry.

Those who are just out of the university must consider even the small organisations while looking for suitable opportunities. Smaller organisations are a great place to learn the job details and gain experience. Internship and apprenticeship experience can add greater value to your profile. A Java developer can earn numerous other certificates to advance their career further.

Advanced knowledge

While the primary training can provide fundamental knowledge, you have to work on the basics to develop an in-depth understanding. Java is an Object Oriented programming language and therefore for coding in this programming language you must have sufficient understanding of object orientation principles.  Strong understanding of polymorphism, object modelling and design patterns will assist you to come up with customised solutions.

Things look simpler while studying them from books because the simplified versions are created for easy understanding. At the time of implementing the solutions in real life the complications arise. The companies expect that an applicant must be aware of such problems and therefore they preferred someone having on –the-job experience. Those willing to secure java developer jobs have to start work much earlier. There are many open projects where you can submit your view points after performing sufficient researches. Apart from apprenticeship and internship, this is a great way to gain experience.

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