Why Now Is The Perfect Time To Buy A New Television

For most consumers, obsolescence is the biggest fear that they have to take into consideration when it comes to making a high-tech purchase. After all, with continuous innovations in technology and non-stop introduction of new gadgets and devices, it is only a matter of time before the new smartphone or laptop one has purchased becomes an old model.

One of most difficult decisions many consumers face when it comes to tech-related purchases is: is it a good idea to buy a new TV?

For most people, televisions are among the kind of devices intended to be used for several years. As such, if you are a consumer, you would want to get the best television your budget can afford since it will be hanging around in your living room, providing entertainment for the years to come. Luckily, there is good news for you and others who are torn whether to buy a new television or not. Now might just be the perfect time to make this high tech-purchase for economic reasons.

Falling television prices equates to great bargains

 In a recent review by analysts, demand for televisions is dwindling. According to Paul Gray, leading analyst from research firm NPD DisplaySearch, the future for television manufacturers is beginning to become bleak. In fact, LDC shipments have fallen 1percent since last year. He even noted that the LCD market will be flat in the upcoming months, so prices for HDTVs can actually hit near bottom.

Such bad news for television manufacturers can be a ray of light for consumers. Currently, prices for televisions are significantly lower to the point where a high-end 50-inch HD TV with Wi-Fi capabilities and other advanced features can be bought for under $650.

To make things even better, many TV makers are also giving more emphasis on convenience and providing economical price tags on their products, instead of integrating new techie features, such as 3D and motion- or gesture-based control that can increase the prices of televisions. For instance, Samsung, which is known for integrating cutting-edge features on their line of televisions, are focusing on improving the search features of their products rather than incorporating new technologies.

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Simply put, getting a new television does not have to blast a hole in your pocket and does not necessarily mean that you need to also upgrade your entire home theater system.

New television formats won’t usurp LCD televisions

Of course, the said price bargain is only applicable for LCD televisions. New and supposedly better television formats such as Ultra HD (4K) still come at a hefty price tag, with a 55-inch set priced at approximately $5,000.

Analysts believe that their introduction in the market will not usurp LCD televisions any time soon not only because of their expensive pricing, but also due to their connectivity requirements. 4K sets demand ultra high-speed Internet connection to accommodate ultra HD video feeds. As such, you do not have to worry that when you purchase a new television today, it will become obsolete the next year. That will not happen. As Gray noted, Ultra HD television sets will probably become economical for at least three or more years. Nonetheless, there is no new television technology on the horizon that is worth waiting for. If there is, you will have to pay a lot of money to get it.

Basically, this is the best time to snag great deals on television sets, especially those that have large screens. Aside from the competitive prices, some retailers are bundling their televisions with other accessories to sell products faster.

This article was contributed by Ericka, a freelance writer who has written a number of posts about different topics, though she is particularly interested in technology-related stuff. She also regularly writes content for Moving Pictures, an aerials Edinburgh specialist.

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