Will Technology Fuel Big Changes In Hollywood?

The Age of Information has ushered in some technological advances that have revolutionized we way we communicate with each other, manage our lives, and interact in the world. But just how far does this influence stretch? Apparently, right into your local box office. There are some big, technology-fueled changes coming Hollywood’s way, and they could very well affect you, the fan base. How so? Read on to learn more:

Release dates. Experts predict that movies will be made available to the public in a variety of mediums and formats very soon after the original release date. What this means is that, instead of waiting for a movie to go to video before you pay the discounted price to view it, you may have a number of viewing options, and at a variety of price points, at the time of release.

Screen-sized prices. It is reported that movie prices have been off-base for a long time now, and that technological advances offer a new, fairer perspective when it comes to pricing. In the not-so distant future, people who want to see a movie will pay a price based on screen size and quality. This means that you may be able to choose between watching a movie on a supersized, theater quality screen for a premium rate (it is projected that this premium is also likely to include things like drinks, snacks, and even a meal) or watching that same movie for a much lower rate on your mobile device.

Access versus ownership. Another factor affecting movie prices is the concept of ownership. In the future, technological advances in movie production and distribution will challenge this dated concept, in favor of the paradigm of gaining access. This will be a shift for consumers, who are used to feeling that purchasing and viewing a movie means owning a disc. Instead, consumers will pay for access to digital property, which will lighten the load on their pocketbooks.

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Advertising. Studies show that people who sit to watch a film or television show are bombarded with a large amount of advertising messages that are not relevant to them (for example, if you don’t own a dog, it is a waste of time to watch a commercial for dog food). In the near future, modern technology will trim the amount of advertising we watch by an estimated 50 percent; additionally, the advertising we see will be targeted to our specific circumstances.

There is perhaps nothing more integral to changing the face of today’s culture than technological advancements. Not only do these advancements increase our knowledge of the world, but they also make life more convenient, affordable, and in this case, more entertaining.

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