5 Reasons A North Myrtle Beach Rental Is A Great Idea

Myrtle Beach has been a popular destination for tourists for as far back as most people can remember. But to those in the know, there’s a difference between where you end up when you go to the Myrtle Beach area.

What are these differences? Well, North Myrtle Beach has a lower population – 14,118 according to the 2011 census compared to 27,820 for Myrtle Beach proper. As one would imagine with half the population the general pace of life is a bit slower on the North side, the crime rate is significantly lower and traffic in general is a lot lighter which is great if you have a summer rental and you want to maximize your time.

If you’re considering a summer rental, particularly a recurring one, North Myrtle Beach has a lot to offer.

1. The beach. Sure, most popular summer destinations will boast about their beach, but North Myrtle Beach has more to brag about than most. The beaches are some of the most pristine in the United States offering great views and family friendly activities.

2. The weather. While not blisteringly warm year round, North Myrtle Beach’s temperatures range from a high of 91 in July down to a low of 56 in January. For all but the hardened warm weather lover, this is a comfortable range. Add in the fact that the average ocean temperature stays between average temperatures of 71 in May to 72 in October, that offers plenty of time to enjoy the water.

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3. Exceptional shopping. If you love shopping, you’ll find few better destinations to spend time in than North Myrtle Beach. The shops in North Myrtle Beach offer everything from souvenirs to quaint antiques to boutique treasures. If you have the shopping bug, North Myrtle Beach has something for you. A local favorite is Judy’s House of Oldies, specializing in shag, shoes and great music.

4. Fine dining. If you’re going to maintain your status as a top destination, you better have the food to keep bringing people back and North Myrtle Beach does that in spades. Particularly when it comes to luscious Italian including the revered Villa Tuscanna and Benny Rappa’s Trattoria. If you want to hit Benny Rappa’s make sure you get there early as it only seats 60 in the whole restaurant.

5. Availability of rentals. There are no limit to the number of short term, long term or winter rentals available in North Myrtle Beach. So no matter what type of place you’re looking for, whether it’s a short private getaway or a summer rental with the family, a quick Google search can find you as many options as you could ask for.

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