7 Must Have IPhone Apps When Touring National Parks In America

There’s so much to learn from a trip to an American national park that it can be a bit of a daunting experience even planning your trip. Until you get there there’s only so much research you can do
and only so many guide books you can look. But what if you want to see inside the park before you visit? What if you want to know exactly what lies ahead on your trip as well as what to pack, when to
go and where the nearest ranger station is when you get there? Well you’ll be pleased to hear that there will most certainly be an App for that, and the best one’s can be found below.

 National Parks App

First on the list has to be the official National Parks App: Free for iOS, this App lets you browse all the different parks and fall in love with them through pictures. There’s a great deal of information on these Apps; from where to stay, how to get there, what the temperatures will be and travel guides: A great and informative source with gorgeous pictures.


Fancy yourself as a budding wildlife photographer? Download the Instagram App to transform all your pone pictures into works of retro art. With various settings to make your pictures look old-
fashioned, black and white, colour-pop and more you’ll have endless fun creating lasting visual memories.

Oh Ranger! Park Finder

Park Finder pretty much does what it says on the tin; want to find the nearest park to you wherever you are? Get this App. It also includes state forests, parks and wildlife sanctuaries too, so f you’re
ever stuck for something to do check out what’s closest to you.

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National Parks USA

This is a wonderful tool for getting the kids excited about getting out and seeing the parks; on National Parks USA you can actually virtually visit before you arrive. View caves, mountains, lakes
and rivers all from the comfort of home whilst you decide where to go next. There’s no information on the parks, but the pictures and visual tours more than make up for it, if not take a look at these
pictures of national parks from audleytravel.com and look in awe.

Passport To Your National Parks

The 26-year-old program of collecting stamps at each park you visited is finally entering the digital age; targeting kids, this App allows you to build up a collection of stamps on your phone for every
park you’ve visited. It also has a lot of easily digestible information to peak kids curiosities too.

Contrary to popular belief that these sorts of Apps may stop visitors noticing the beauty around then because they are glued to their phones, park rangers seem to like the technology now available to park goers, says NPS spokesperson Jeffrey Olson. Because people are coming to the parks more informed, allowing the rangers to delve deeper into the subject matter which interests the visitor most.

So, if you’re about to set off on your journey of discovery, check out a few of these Apps to help you along the way.

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