A Great Adventure of a Backpacker: Traveling to Townsville

It is great to travel from time to time. People get to visit new places and experience different cultures. For women like me who are fond of travelling places like Townsville, there are several things that you have to remember. It is important that you have to be safe when traveling to different places. Located in the beautiful coastal city in North Queensland in Australia, Townsville is the best place for people who are fond of doing water activities such as scuba diving. This is because of its location in the Great Barrier Reef, which is the main gateway when divers want to see the popular SS Yongala Wreck.

Getting to Townsville

I went to Townsville by plane. The Townsville International Airport is situated at around 10km west of the center of the town. Virgin Australia, Alliance Airlines, Jestar, and Qantas Airways are the airline companies that fly in Townsville.
Some may opt to travel by train. The town is reachable by train from Brisbane and Cairns. But you have to remember that the distances of towns in Australia are really big and you may find traveling by train a very long one.
It is also possible for people to reach Townsville by riding a bus. Greyhound, the main intercity bus company in the country, offers their passengers with cheap travel going to different destinations all throughout the country. But just like the train travel, it would take you long hours before you can reach the town.

Accommodation Options

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It is quite easy to find an accommodation in Townsville, especially for backpackers like me. When I planned my trip to Townsville, I wasn’t able to secure myself an accommodation. I walked and walked and I found such an amazing motel in Townsville. I inquired inside the motel and asked for their daily rates. Before I realize it, I got a room for a really amazing price. Not too high, not too cheap, just right for the features and amenities that are provided by the management of the motel. I totally enjoyed my stay there!

Activities to be Done in Townsville

If you are looking forward to a perfect adventure in Australia, visiting Townsville is the best travel adventure that you can plan for. Aside from diving, non-divers can do other activities like swimming, surfing, and skydiving. I enjoyed visiting the Magnetic Island through island hopping packages that I have joined before the actual trip. I got to relax along the shore of the Strand beach.
I also came to visit and explore the rainforest in the Paluma Range National Park. If you are traveling with your kids, you may want to visit Townsville Aquarium and get to see different sea creatures.

Restaurants and Bars

There are pretty much variations of food choices in Townsville. Most of the restaurants and bars in town offer different foods for their visitors. You can have a high quality casual dining experience from Jupiters or a simple breakfast at The Balcony Restaurant. Whatever your palatte is craving for, you can get it here at Townsville.

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