A Holiday And A Backpack

Some people like the ease of booking a package holiday and getting a travel agent to sort out all of the details of their trip. This is not for everyone though as some people like to explore at their own pace and also travel well of the beaten track. This sort of travelling is very popular with people taking a gap year or who have finished their studies and are going to travel abroad for a sustained period of time. This kind of travelling is affectionately called backpacking as most people travel around with all of their belongings in a backpack. This can be a cheaper way of seeing a country and is also a very good way to meet a wide range of people, some of which can be very interesting indeed.

The Benefits of Backpacking

Backpacking definitely has benefits over booking a package holiday with a travel agent and you can still have a cheap holiday abroad.

  • No set time table
  • Can change your plans easily
  • Can change accommodation
  • Can stay longer or for a shorter period of time

Get to explore a country away from luxury hotels

One of the great things about travelling with your backpack is that you have no set timetable which you must follow. It is possible to buy round the world tickets which allow you to take in 5 or more destinations, and you will give a rough idea of when you want to travel. This is not set in stone though and you can change your plans quite easily and with very little hassle at all or expense. You have the freedom to travel off the beaten path when you arrive in a country and go to places which may not be often frequented by tourists.

This allows you to see and experience a different way of life in your chosen country that the average tourist may not get to experience. There are always good hostels and guest houses available in most countries around the world. This is also a good way to meet new people as well. There are lots of people who do the same thing, and you may just make some really good friends for life as well. You may even find some people that you want to carry on travelling with and have the benefit of company on your travels.

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Getting it Booked!

Although you do not want to book a cheap holiday as a lot of people do, you can still using one of the major travel agents to book your tickets for travelling. You can book yourself multi stop airfare ticket or even a rail pass if you are looking to travel Europe as this is a great way of exploring the country. You will need to do some research on the countries that you are looking to visit and come up with a rough timetable and also plan. This does not have to be followed exactly though, but you will need to book tickets and they will need dates for this. You can change these at a later date if required.

The internet s a great way to come up with a plan, for each country you are going to visit, make a list of the sights and attractions that you want to visit. You can then plan a rough route through the country which will allow you to take in as much as possible before moving on to your next destination. You will probably find that unless you have a lot of time and also money available that you may not be able to do everything and see everything that you want to so you will have to compromise in some places. You may also have to compromise if you are travelling with other people and take into account where they want to go and what they want to see.

You can always split up for a few days and do your own thing if you want as well. Sometimes when you travel by yourself it removes you from your comfort zone and forces you to deal with things and people differently, opening you up to a wider range of experiences. No matter where you decide to go to and whom you decide to travel with, you will have the time of your life and also get to experience a different side of humanity and culture that you just don’t find sitting by the pool in your 5 star resorts.

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