A Shorter Cruise, A Better Party

Cruise holidays have long been popular. The concept has been embraced by those people who have grown tired of going to just one place on their holiday. A cruise allows you to visit multiple locations, keeping things interesting and there are also a host of fun things to do while you’re actually sailing.

However, if there is a drawback to cruise holidays, it’s that they can start to feel restrictive after a while. The point is that you are able to visit several different places, but to do so you must remain on the same vessel for a long period. For many people, this rules cruise holidays out as it seems more like an endurance activity than a rewarding break.

Yet there is a fundamental philosophy behind the cruise that still makes sense. It is about travelling and seeing different things and keeping things fresh and exciting. That is why river cruises are proving so popular.

A river cruise isn’t like a cruise holiday it isn’t a holiday for a start. When you hire a boat to travel along a river, you do so for a short period. It is therefore more common for people to do this for parties. It might be a wedding reception or an anniversary, but having the event held on a boat is likely to prove both innovative and exciting.

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Parties can take many forms. They might be very formal or it might be something as simple as a barbecue. The latter is a popular option as people get to enjoy good weather and outdoor cooking, same as with any other barbecue, but with the added advantage that they can look at the changing scenery as the boat progresses. This makes the world of difference and elevates the event from being something rather prosaic into a really memorable experience for everyone who attends.

From summer parties to club nights, all sorts of different events can be organised with different sizes of boat to suit different parties. There’s a lot of flexibility so that you can create a night to suit your needs.

For the same reasons, river cruises are increasingly popular for corporate events. They’re particularly good if you’re entertaining guests from abroad as you can show them the local sights in comfort. If you’re in London, you can take a cruise along the Thames and point out all the major landmarks, almost all of which are adjacent to the river.

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