Baking & Shaking: Mix Up Your Routine In Charleston

The waves gently lapping the shore the perfectly clear, vibrant blue sky that cool breeze caressing your face. that wait. ugh! Those scalding rays of sunlight! Ah! My beautiful complexion has gone red and blistered! Help! What to do?

Does this sound like you? Sure, up until this point, you’ve probably been enjoying catching those rays and spending days basking, sleeping and snacking under the sun. But maybe it’s time to stop baking and start shaking things up! It’s time to liven things up this evening! So, go back to your hotel room and properly treat that sunburn. That literal baking will turn into literal shaking tonight! Here is a list of just a few of the most popular nightlife destinations and activities:

Wild Wing Cafe

This is a happening place, despite it’s cafe charm you will encounter for lunch and dinner. However, after the restaurant closes for the night, the bar stays open and the dance floor comes alive! Each night offers it’s own unique drink specials and activities. Plus, the cafe features live music from local bands every Friday and Saturday night. And it’s nearly all night, as there are usually around five bands featured each weekend night!

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Bar 145

Here’s a small joint that’s out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the tourist scene. If you’re looking to duck out of the hectic tourist traffic, this is a great refuge. Although it’s not the biggest go to hot spot, it’s got a lot to offer. Kept largely a secret for the in crowd only, this hip bar boasts of their dance floor complete with hi-tech lighting, superb martinis, beautiful modern art collection and house and guest DJs putting out a bass blasting beat until the early hours!

If you’re looking for a low-key evening with your significant other and want to take a break from the bar scene, even a nice stroll through town window shopping can still make for a fun nightlife experience in Charleston. There are plenty of antique shops to mosey by on Kings Street in the cool of the evening. Plus, don’t forget about Sacks 5th Avenue and other top brand name stores! Be sure to get a glance of their merchandise as well!

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