College’s Guide Into Saving Money For Spring Break

Everyone wants to have a great spring break. It’s the time of the year when college folks get a bit crazy. I’m not sure if the hard exams are to blame. Whatever their reasons are, spring break is very much anticipated most especially by college students.

If you are not prepared for it, you might be spending the entire break in your room, with your dog! Sounds boring, isn’t it? The solution is that you save money. Now, how can you do that? Here are my very effective tips.

Create a spring break dream board. If you want something really bad, you have to keep yourself motivated. And you need to see things that will remind you of that ‘something’. Make your spring dream board. Cut out photos from magazines like girls in bikinis, hunks in board shorts, refreshments, yacht parties and all things that would remind you of a perfect spring break. Hang it on your door so you can always see it.

Make a budget and stick to it. You have your allowance right? Maybe it’s about time that you rethink of your budget. It’s about time that you spend your money wisely. Most of us can’t save because we spend on things which aren’t that important. Example would be buying overpriced coffee or buying clothes every week. Those are just so impractical. What you can do is once you receive your allowance, put a percentage of it in your piggy bank (yes I suggest that you get a piggy bank). Do it first before spending for anything else.

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Invite your friends for your spring break plan. It is also a great idea if you invite your friends to save with you. Make sure that the person who will handle your cash can be trusted. Otherwise, you might lose all your savings. Friends and spring break is the perfect combination to enjoy. Plus, if you have a lot of friends with the same spring break goals, you can cut down on costs because everything will be divided. Smart, isn’t? A

Get a side job. If you think that your allowance is just too small, you can get a part time job. But make sure that this will not interfere with your studies. Simple part time jobs can do you good. It can be in a restaurant, or in a local mall. If you want, you can volunteer to walk dogs or babysit. Or perhaps, you can have a small business inside your school. Resell items and get profit from those.

If you want to have a blast during spring break, you have to be resourceful and practical to be able to save money. What are your ideas? Care to share those with us?

Emily Davis definitely adores spring breaks. She is also a publicist and leading contributor for a Monkey, a leading car insurance comparison site. The site donates 10 to a charity of your choice for every car insurance quote taken out through Monkey.

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