Family Friendly Activities In Dubai

Dubai is an exotic place filled with exotic things and can have you pining for a chance to glimpse the wonderful sights and taste that exotic food, not to mention enjoy a drink or two; however, it can be somewhat of a chore to try and find family friendly activities that would be able to keep all of the family members happy, here are a few ideas.

4X4 Dubai Desert Safari.

This is a certainly an activity that will get the whole family looking forward to a holiday!

Riding across the deserts of Dubai in a 4X4 seems like a very cool story for the kids to tell back home to their friends, or if they prefer something au-natural, a camel ride is also available, but they’re a little slower and they can spit.

However, the cool ride across the sands isn’t the only highlight of this pleasurable activity package, you can also enjoy snowboarding down the sandy dunes and a BBQ dinner under the Arabian night sky with traditional music and belly dancing – how very rustic!

Definitely something to consider and it is suitable for all ages, unless you have an 8 month old, you may want to try something a little bit more relaxed.

The Atlantis Hotel Palm Jumeria.

The Atlantis is the largest hotel in Dubai, so you can imagine that it has a lot to offer.

It is known for being very child friendly in terms of staff being very keen to greet the children as well as the adults to make sure families feel welcome.

They offer a lot of activities for children, which include three swimming pools to choose from, a beach, a dolphin bay and a large shopping arcade which have shops suited for all ages.
One thing that will really please the kids (and the adults, let’s not lie) is the astounding water park filled with water slides and a marine park.

This is a magnificent place to experience but also a magnificent structure to observe.

Royal Maridien Beach Resort and Spa.

Located at Jumeirah beach, this beautiful and popular hotel has comfortable rooms to offer and plenty of activities.

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There are three fantastic swimming pools to choose from, a children’s playground with climbing frames and plenty of open space to let them run wild or enjoy a game of football on.

They also offer an indoor and outdoor kids club and a Discoteque exclusively for teens, which would probably come as a relief for them when they want to get away from the younger siblings.

For the adults there is the spa, a beach and restaurants to try – if you can convince your teen to babysit!

Ski Dubai.

Ski Dubai is located at the Emirates Mall and is open to children aged three years and above, though you probably didn’t think of skiing in Dubai.

Most ski equipment is provided and is included in the price of entry the only down side is that you have to buy your own gloves and hat, however they are available to buy at Ski Dubai.
Helmets are compulsory for young children and are provided free of charge, however if one of your children doesn’t fancy taking a skiing adventure there is an adventure indoor playground available free of charge.

Fear not if you are not a very good skier or if you have never tried it, there are ski lessons available to everyone able.


Kidzania is located in the Dubai Mall and is one of the most imaginative pastimes for young children of around three to nine years of age.

Exclusively created to indulge your children’s fantasies of being whatever and whoever they wish to be. Kidzania has a delightful choice of dress-up costumes from fairies to policemen and even have toy cars and a chance to drive a fire truck, not a real one of course, that would be bad judgement.

Why not offer your youngsters the chance to live out their dreams and hopefully tire them out and leave them with a very happy memory.

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