Five Reasons To Visit Australia During The Ashes Series

Whether you consider yourself a cricket fan or not, a trip to Australia or England during an Ashes summer is an experience you will never forget.

With back-to-back series happening in the middle and at the end of 2013, the opportunity is available if you want to experience the spectacle. That said, the notorious unreliability of the English summer is legendary around the world, so we’re not going to put all of our eggs in one basket and tell you to head to ‘Blightly’ in July.

In contrast, the Australian summer is one of the most reliable and consistent anywhere on the planet, so heading Down Under at the end of 2013 is something worth considering, with the cricket a great excuse to do so.

Sporting reasons aside, why might you look to head Down Under during the Ashes, and what can you expect to find?

Travel Far and Wide

From Brisbane mid-way up the east coast to Perth on the western seaboard, you will have the opportunity to see the very best cities in Australia, which also happen to be among the biggest, most modern, and best to be found anywhere in the world.

Of course, that is without thinking about everything that you can expect to find in between, with miles of outback to be explored, friendly towns and villages scattered along the coast, and beaches that will blow your mind.

Various Options

Due to the huge distances that can be involved, it is often tempting to use domestic air travel to get across Australia. However, depending on the time you have, rail travel, and even driving are realistic options, and will allow you to see much more than you would from thousands of feet up in the air.

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The Weather

We already touched on this as the reason for exploring Australia instead of England, but it is such a massive factor that we’d be wrong not to mention it in more detail.

Yes, it will rain sometimes, but not for weeks at a time as it seems to in England. At the same time, a cooling, refreshing breeze, making the country welcoming and comfortable to explore, rather than forbidding and inhospitable, often offsets the heat.

Time of Year

Especially if you are based in the Northern Hemisphere, the excitement that can come at the end of the year with Christmas and New Year celebrations is usually tempered by the fact that the weather can be atrocious.

Admittedly, the whole ‘barbecue on the beach’ image is a little cliched and overused when it comes to discussing Christmas in Australia, but it is also a reality. Why spend the best time of the year in the cold and rain, when you could spend it on golden beaches in the glare of the sun?


You cannot talk about Australia without mentioning the people there. When Australia were so dominant in years gone by, there was an uneasy, almost nasty element to crowd support. This has softened hugely in recent years, and the banter of Australian crowds, as well as in bars and towns across the whole country, is a huge reason to head there.

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