How To Please Everyone On A Family Vacation

Planning a family vacation can be difficult.  Scheduling a trip that matches everyone’s busy schedules is hard enough, but finding a destination can prove even more of a challenge.  Depending on your children’s ages, the family’s gender ratio, and everyone’s interests, it can be tricky to figure things out.  The key is to find a place that has something for everyone in your family.  Ideally, there are places that have attractions for children as well as peaceful getaways for parents.  If this sounds appealing to you, you should consider going to Niagara Falls, the Jersey shore, or San Diego.

San Diego

San Diego is an amazing destination for nature lovers.  Located along the shore, there are long stretches of beach that make for great day trips.  There are also several places to visit if you are interested in animals.  This city is host to a zoo, Sea World, and a safari ride.  While your children may be more interested in observing the wildlife, you can escape from it all out in the bay with Flagship Cruises, which provides one-hour rides out in the water.   In addition, one great way to balance the vacation is through compromise.  For instance, San Diego has both a children’s museum and a modern art museum.  Try spending a portion of the day at each of them, so everyone is enriched by their experience.

Jersey Shore

The Jersey shore is a great getaway for any family.  Different towns are suited for different families.  If you have young children, consider Stone Harbor.  It’s a quiet, family-friendly town.  There is plenty to do there for the kids, including a movie theater, arcade, and miniature golf.  Parents will love bringing their children to this beach because of the serenity it provides.  Even when there is a crowd, it is a calm one.  However, for families with teenagers, Ocean City is a great escape.  You can split up and enjoy time spent on the beach reading a book or catching a tan while your kids roam the boardwalk.   With a little research, you’ll find just the right town for you.

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 Niagara Falls

Home to one of the most breath-taking natural scenes in the world, Niagara Falls is great for family vacations.  Located right on the border of New York and Ontario, this is a great location to take children for their first international outing.  Parents can enjoy the beauty of the falls, spending time at the park, while children can enjoy the indoor water park at Niagara Falls.  Also, nearby on the Canadian side are a safari and some beautiful botanical gardens.  Plan this trip right, and everyone will go home relaxed and satisfied.

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