Hurricane Sandy Recovery Efforts Still Underway On The East Coast

Hurricane Sandy left no shortage of damage in its wake when it made landfall in October of 2012. Paralyzing the center of trade and commerce in the United States, Hurricane Sandy has become a costly reminder of the unpredictability of nature. The major cities effected by this mega storm have returned to normal as a whole, but there is still plenty of major relief work to be done along the East Coast to bring back the local businesses and homes destroyed by the storm.

The Coast is Recovering Slowly But Surely

Many cleanup efforts have been slowed down due to the high costs involved with rebuilding large sections of infrastructure. The city of New York was brought to a standstill for three days in the immediate aftermath of the hurricane. The cleanup efforts began shortly after the storm passed and New Yorkers returned back to their daily lives. People in the outlying areas, however, did not enjoy such prompt relief efforts.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reports that large areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey still have major areas that have simply been abandoned. Local businesses and home owners are still awaiting settlements from insurance claims and have since begun to seek other areas to establish themselves again. While the outlook may seem bleak for residents in the hardest hit areas, FEMA has awarded $500,000 in recovery funds just in Delaware alone.

Displaced Residents Seek New Places to Call Home

Housing became an issue during the frigid winter of 2012 and into 2013. Large housing developments were damaged and many misplaced residents found themselves without adequate heating or power. Government agencies, along with local landlords, combined forces to provide the necessary funds to continue providing heat and electricity services to affected tenants. The majority of this work was completed during the winter of 2012, but efforts are still underway to provide residents across all boroughs with their original housing arrangements.

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Monetary Assistance From Private Organizations

Private organizations are also playing a large part in the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Grassroots organizations have been setup in cities and counties along the East coast to begin to restore areas of the Jersey Shore, Delaware, and the New York coast. People from across the nation can donate to an organization of their choice and directly impact the on-going recovery and restoration effort.

State and Federal Tax Assistance Provides Some Relief

Government tax agencies have also joined in the relief effort. Business owners and employees alike lost the ability to effectively file taxes and earn wages in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. For this reason, the government has extended the tax filing periods for the residents of New Jersey affected by the hurricane.

The government is also offering assistance in filing taxes, as well as providing tax benefits for any losses incurred during the storm. New Jersey residents are responding favorably to this extended provision and many merchants and employees are finally returning to a level of economic stability they enjoyed before the storm made landfall last year.

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