Limassol District Attractions

Everyone should take a trip to Limassol at least once as it’s one of the most beautiful and historic places on earth. You could literally spend months and months exploring the many attractions and never uncover the same attraction twice. It’s certainly a beautiful region that has a charm that is one of a kind. You’ll fall in love with the view and you’ll never find a dull moment with all of the festivals and activities that goes on. Let’s talk a bit more about why Limassol is a great place to visit and what you should expect when you decide to take a trip.


Kourion is a very beautiful area that has a lot of rich history which will keep you busy for many hours. You’ll fall in love with the many relics that are scattered throughout the area. The amphitheater is an absolute beautiful structure and the sound acoustics are unmatched by any other. You will fall in love with the landscape as well; high cliffs, wildflowers and many other natural beauties will drag you in. It certainly is easy to get lost in the interesting history as well as the vast beauty of this area.

Kolossi Castle

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Kolossi Castle is a very charming area that was once a Crusader stronghold.  It was built in 1210 by the Frankish military once the land of Kolossi was inherited by King Hugh III. The tower of the castle is a great area to get a view of the various beauties that surround the region. There is a lot of rich history surrounding this castle, and it seems as though there is a story behind everything. Anyone who loves learning about interesting history and also likes to see many gorgeous old structures will love taking a trip to the beautiful Kolossi Castle.

Village of Omodos

No trip to Limassol would be complete without a visit to the very beautiful and the very charming Village of Omodos. It’s located within the Limassol District and is approximately 80km from the city of Nicosia. The biggest attraction of this village is the various wines that it produces. There are many festivals each year that allow you to get a taste of the world’s best wines. The restaurants that are located within the village are one of a kind and certain to exceed the expectations of even the most critical eater.

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