Looking For A Hotel Alternative? Try A Furnished Rental Home

When traveling, sure, hotels are easy. You check in, bring a couple pieces of luggage into your room, and pack up and leave when it’s time to go. At some hotels, you can get food and dry cleaning delivered to your room. You can utilize valet services, enjoy the hotel bar, or workout in the hotel gym. You don’t have to clean, make the bed, change the sheets, or do much of anything.

However, hotels can lose their luster, especially for those who want their vacation abode to be a little more personal and home-like. If you’re only staying in one place for a day or two, a hotel might be your best bet. On the other hand, if you’re planning to remain in one area for a few days or longer, a great alternative to a hotel is a rental home.


Staying in fully furnished places can end up being cheaper than staying in a hotel. With a full kitchen in a rental home – as opposed to a hotel kitchenette – you can cook your own meals and pack lunches or dinners instead of spending money at restaurants every day.

In addition, you probably will have a washing machine and dryer in a rental home – must haves if your trip lasts longer than a few days. While some people buy new clothes or go to the laundromat, it’s cheaper and more convenient to be able to do it in-house. Although most hotels offer laundry and dry cleaning services, they often are quite expensive for what you get. Plus, if you’ve ever felt the rough texture of most laundered hotel towels, you probably don’t want your clothes suffering the same fate.

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Another benefit of renting a home instead of staying at a hotel is space. In a rental home, the bedroom is typically separate from the living room, so you and your companions aren’t crammed into one little area. If you’re traveling with a group or with family, furnished rentals are especially great since you can reserve an entire house where everyone can be comfortable instead of dividing members up in hotel rooms. A house gives you privacy when you need it, but also makes it easy for everyone to gather in the same space. In a hotel, you’d have to leave or all squeeze into a single room to do that.

Perhaps most importantly, rental homes allow occupants to fully relax since they can unpack their items and know they won’t have to leave for a few days or so. Furthermore, renters don’t usually have to worry about housekeeping entering the premises or be bothered by noisy neighbors. Overall, rental homes are perfect for families and groups seeking a true home away from home on their trip.

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