Looking For A Romantic Getaway? These Popular Destinations Are Full Of Surprises…Including Bed Bugs

Winter seems to drag on longer than any of the other seasons, particularly if you live in a cold, snowy area. If you have been thinking of taking a vacation when spring rolls around, it is important to do a little research on your destination before you confirm your plans. Several of the biggest, and most romantic, U.S. cities are actually home to large bed bug populations. To save yourself from an infestation, check out this top 3 list of “bed bug friendly� travel destinations.

The Emerald City

Seattle has always been known as a great city with an eclectic vibe, featuring everything from live bands to incredible farmer’s markets. However, it is also becoming a haven for bed bugs; Seattle is the 13th state in the nation when it comes to the number of reported cases, and it moved up 14 spots in the last year alone. Remain vigilant when visiting this city, or you may find yourself battling bed bugs when you return home.

The City of Angels

Los Angeles, with its warm weather and sunny skies, is the perfect getaway for people suffering from the winter blues. As the state with the third highest number of bed bug cases, though, it may be hard to avoid the little pests while you are in town. Since there are so many hotels in the area to choose from, do some research online before you book your accommodations. Once you have a hotel in mind, check to see if any reviews have been written recently where the person mentions a bed bug encounter. If you find one, move on.

The Windy City

Chicago, a city rich in cultural opportunities, sporting events and amazing architecture, is a popular travel destination. However, Chicago also ranks as the top city in America when it comes to the number of reported bed bug cases. Regardless of where you are planning to stay while in town, make sure you turn over the mattress and look closely for any sign of these small pests.

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Bed bugs can be found just about anywhere: in homes and hotel rooms, on buses and even in movie theaters. They are tiny hitchhikers, latching on to your clothing or luggage and making the trip back to your house without your knowledge. Since they are so small, they are difficult to see. However, if you are traveling and feel uncomfortable about something in your room, go down to the front desk, explain the situation and request a room change to a different floor. Once you get home, if you have any itchy, unexplained marks when you wake up in the morning, or you notice a reddish brown stain on your sheets, get in touch with a pest control company right away.

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