Make The Thames The Focal Point Of Your London Trip

If you’re planning a fleeting visit to London then you’ll obviously try and squeeze as many sights as you can into a relatively short space of time. Many people find that the best strategy for getting more out of a trip to the capital is to choose one area and stick to it – to save the rest for another time.

It’s hard to pick an area, but you could do a lot worse than to stick to the Thames. A lot of London’s most famous and exciting attractions are situated on the river on the North and South banks. This is also the place to be if you want to enjoy the iconic vistas of the capital and the memorable views provided by the bridges.

Depending on how much time you have, there are plenty of choices when it comes to travelling the banks of the Thames. You can take the buses if you don’t mind dealing with the traffic. Otherwise it’s nice to actually stroll from West to East or vice versa. If you’re strapped for time then remember that the capital boasts a great bike hire service.

Another fantastic option is to get off the banks and onto the river itself – there you get the best views of the architecture to the North and the South. Boat hire and water taxis make this possible.

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So what can you actually go and see if you’ve decided to hug the Thames on your trip? Well, you can see some of the iconic buildings in the shape of the Palace of Westminster, the Tower Bridge, the

Tower of London and so on.

However, you’ll also be able to drop into the Globe Theatre, the Southbank Centre, the Tate Modern, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Tate Britain, County Hall, Lambeth Hall and so on.

These are places that are all very accessible from the river. You’ll also be able to see Cleopatra’s Needle and visit a few parks and green spaces along the way, to say nothing of a spin on the famous London Eye!

London is vast so you can’t expect to see everything on a quick jaunt through the city, but if you are going to concentrate your attention on one area, the Thames is a good bet purely because it has so much history and because so much of what London has to offer is centred on this iconic body of water.

Dean Douglas has been enjoying Thames boat hire, cycling trips on the South bank and walking tours of London for years and he keeps finding new things to do and see.

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