Mount Batur: Climb Bali’s Most Active Volcano For Those Goose Bumps

A volcano is something which is full of intrigue and always captures the travelers fantasy. So, even the thought of climbing a volcano is one which instantly makes the hair at the back of our neck stand up! Bali, a great beach destination, is also noted for its basket of volcanoes! Bali tourism guide offers a panoramic view from the summit of many volcanoes, and a number of adventure-bitten backpackers make sure to dig into a volcano-climbing activity.

Interestingly, Bali is home to some active volcanoes. Mount Batur is the most famous of such active ones and is also the most coveted amongst the adventurers. Hence, a lot of tourists cannot escape the lure of enjoying a trek or a climb on this volcano. However, since it is a highly active volcano, you must make sure that you are in the company of professional guides and tour operators. They take a lot of factors into consideration while making plans for a trek! In case, the time is not quite right for a climb (i.e. if the volcano is suspected of taking a hiccup), then you would be advised not to risk the venture.

Having said that, you need to be reminded that a huge number of travelers indulge in this dare-devil sport! The view which you get at the end (of the Lake Batur) is an added perk! Plus, Mount Batur is has straight treks and do not offer much difficulty even to amateurs and first-time climbers. The total height of the mountain is around 1717 m and it would take you around 2 hours to reach the top.

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Most Bali packages from India include Mount Batur in the itinerary. However, it is inadvisable to go for the climb during the rainy season (since the slopes can be quite slippery)!

Best season/time to climb Mount Batur:

Bali stays dry during the months between April and September. It is the most ideal time to make a dash for Bali tourism. As for the time, it would be ideal to start your trip fairly early during the day. Ideally, one would get the best view from the hilltop during the sunset hours. But then, you also need to climb down (which would take another 1-2 hours). So make sure that you reach the summit a couple of hours before darkness sets in.

Things to carry while climbing Mount Batur:

While climbing a volcano, you should equip yourself with

Climbing shoes
Snacks and water
Ropes, harnesses and any such similar protection
Headlamp (or torch)

Alternatively, if you wish to ditch Mount Batur, you can also head for Mount Agung or Mount Rinjani.

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