North American Highlights

North America sports towering metropolises, rolling fields, vast deserts and magical forests. The United States of America often seems to have the best of everything with its sparkling cities and postcard landscapes. Canada offers similar city and beach walk environments, but where the United States of America offers extreme heat, Canada has extreme cold environments such as Val-d’Or. Whether you are a fan of heat, cold or just right temperatures, North America can cater for all of these tastes. Further south in the Caribbean for example, laid-back Jamaican holidays offer dreamy beaches, perfect for a honeymoon getaway.

Explore The Grand Canyon

Your legs will shake in fear as you peer over the ledge of the Grand Canyon. Regardless of your fear of vertigo, you’ll be scared by the extraordinary height of the peaks on the Grand Canyon. These Canyons cleave through the earth a mile deep, recently helped by the Colorado River that runs 276 miles through the canyon floor. The laid back adventurer can view the sights of the Grand Canyon, but if you are looking to get stuck into the action, a popular attraction is to go rafting the rapids. Rapids vary in difficulty, from the high water time you can take a somewhat gentle ride down the river.

The more advanced rapids, class three and four rapids are usually done in four and eight man groups with one or two professional instructors on the craft. There will be long rapids, high waves and dangerous rocks to manoeuvre your sea sick stomachs around. Arizona is popular with retirees because of its clean air and peaceful surroundings. If you are visiting the US from abroad, try visiting other nearby states. Utah has many attractions such as Angels Landing and Provo. Just east of here you can visit some of California’s finest small wineries and breweries

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Bite Into The Big Apple New York

New York City is one of the most popular metropolises with a huge array of museums and monuments to learn about. You’ll want to spend at least a week here to soak up all the culture. One great way to do this is through dining out. You can notice how different immigrant groups through the ages introduced different cuisines to New York City – Eastern European Jews and Italians brought Pizza and Bagels for example.

Leaves and History In New England

New England is one of the United States wealthiest areas. It is made up of several states; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. It was one of the earliest English settlements in America, hence the name. As the birthplace of America, it is filled with rich history, political and military attractions and scenic villages. While here you’ll want to visit the top historic sites such as the battlegrounds of the American Revolution. In Concord Massachusetts battle re-enactments take place regularly.

In Boston, Massachusetts, walk the freedom trail as an educational journey in why the Colonists wanted independence from the British. The most ancient town in Connecticut is the 375 year old Wethersfield, home of General George Washington’s headquarters in 1781. New England is famous for its glorious foliage and forests in fall (autumn). The leaves start turning brown in northern New England in mid-September. This is the perfect time to visit pretty villages like Canterbury and Woodstock. In this area of New England there are lots of small cider mill’s and breweries as well as wine tasting classes.

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