Picnic Foods For A Day-Long Boat Trip

Munching on tasty food items, while on a day-long boat trip with your family, can be a decidedly charming affair. In what follows, we will provide a list of food items that you can carry along for your boat trip.

Looking forward to an exciting boat trip with your family? While the charms of such an outing can hardly be overemphasized, things can become just a tad messy and inconvenient if you are not carrying the right types of picnic foods with you. You might really love gravy items, but trying to pack such preparations on a boat trip would probably be a grave folly. In the current discourse, we will acquaint readers with some ideal picnic food options, for a day-long boat trip:


Sandwiches should definitely form a part of the food items that you pack in your picnic basket. Prepare sandwiches on the morning of the picnic, and wrap them in foils to keep them fresh right through the day. You can munch on chicken/ham sandwiches during your boat trip, or go for their vegeterian counterparts.


If you are all for eating healthy during the picnic, you should definitely consider packing salads of different varieties. Beet salads and potato salads are two of the most popular varieties of hygienic picnic foods. You can also go for egg salads, with a hint of pepper, for greater taste. Love to have pasta? Simply pack in a couple of boxes of pasta salads!

Fruits and biscuits

When you are going on a picnic, carrying dry foods is the order of the day. Stay away from carrying those finger fries, which can lose their crispiness within a couple of hours. Instead, carry different types of fresh fruits (apples, pears, grapes, bananas, and the like). You can also pack in a couple of packets of cream biscuits. Make sure that the mouth of the half-filled packets are kept secure with cable ties, to prevent the entry of air.

Grilled/Roasted chicken

If you wish to enjoy the true tastes of yummy roasted/grilled chicken during a boat ride, make sure you have it at lunch. Roast/grill chicken legs and breasts, and carefully wrap them in plastics/tin foils. Avoid using too much oil while frying, which can leave stains on the other items packed near it. Plan an early lunch during the boat trip, and have the chicken at that time.

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Bread and cheese

You will be spending the entire day on a boat, so why not have your breakfast on it as well? Pack in a couple of loaves of bread, and tie the packets with cable ties
so that the breads do not get damaged in any way. Cheese spreads also have to be carefully packed, along with the bread loaves. You can also carry bottles of jams and/or marmalade.


Once again, you cannot really delay while having noodles on a boat-trip. Prepare noodles with chicken, shrimps and/or other vegetables
and have it as a morning snack, or at most, during lunch. Secure the lid of the container in which the noodles are being carried with durable cable ties. You certainly do not want the noodles to get scattered all over your picnic basket, right?

You can make your pizza and take it with you in the trip. Pizzas in lunch make a good deal.

Fruit juices and water
Never ever overlook the importance of staying hydrated, while going on a day-long boat trip with your family members. Pack a few bottles of fresh fruit juices, to keep yourself refreshed right through the day. Carry along at least two bottles of mineral water as well. Canned sodas can also be a part of your picnic supplies.

Fruit cakes and pudding can serve as nice dessert items, during a day-long family picnic on a boat. Keep the handles of the picnic basket secure with cable ties, to prevent the food from getting spilled outside. Good food, company of your family-members and fantastic views to feast your eyes on
what more can you want?

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