Road Trip Destinations in the American West

As people around the country gear up for spring and summer road trips, now’s the time to start planning your route. Residents of the US have the privilege to travel through diverse landscapes, and cultures, without ever crossing an international border. The American West provides the perfect background to your summer vacation. Whether it’s the gorgeous red desert in the South, or the lush green forest of the North, the American West has the scenery you’re undoubtedly looking for. With so much to see, it’s good to know which places are particularly worthwhile. Here’s a list of some of the best spots in the Western United States.

Pike Place Market, Seattle, WA

Seattle in the summer time is truly a sight to behold. When the sun is shining over the Puget Sound, and you can see the Olympic mountains rising across the water, you may find yourself wondering if you’ve found paradise. The cultural hub of Seattle, and a must-see for any visitor, Pike-Place market has earned it’s reputation of a bucket-list location. from fast-fingered fish vendors, to an assortment of local, and international trinkets, Pike Place is a perfect place to treat yourself and others to a gift, or tasty treat. Located right on Seattle’s gorgeous waterfront, when you’re done with the market, wander around town and explore the restaurants, shops, and parks.

Microbrew Tour, Portland, OR

While we’re on the Pacific Northwest, it’s only fair we mention Seattle’s younger, hipper sibling, Portland, Oregon. One of the many interesting and fun things about Portland is the insane amount of breweries in the city. If you’re a beer lover, join any number of the beer tours offered to enjoy some tasty brew. The beer capital of the country, is also the food cart capital, so you can sample some affordable, delicious, and surprisingly fancy fare. If you want to eat, drink, and be merry on your road trip, Portland is the place for you.

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Pacific Coast Highway (Highway 1), California

This site is one you can see without leaving the comfort of your car. Chances are however, once you see those jaw-droppingly gorgeous coastlines, you’re going to want to stop the car the first chance you get. From Northern California’s rocky, dramatic shores, all the way to LAs sandy, palm tree laden beaches, Highway 1 does not disappoint. Whether you travel part, or all of this national treasure, the Pacific Coast Highway serves as a reminder why so many rich, beautiful, and powerful people call California their home.

Zion National Park, Utah

The whole West coast is full of gorgeous national parks, and while they’re worth seeing, none are quite as dramatic, amazing, and anthropologically significant as Zion. Set between the Rocky’s, the great basin and the Mojave desert, Zion National Park has an amazingly diverse amount of ecosystems within it. From mountains and lush, spring-fed high plateaus, to deep desert canyons, Zion National Park has everything the nature lover could possibly want. If you’re planning on a road trip anywhere near Zion, be sure to make the trip. Your effort will be rewarded with some of the most spectacular scenery your eyes have ever seen.

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