Scuba Diving in the Bahamas An Adventure Hard to Believe

Bahamas is an exciting destination for those who love adventure and water sports. This beautiful island offers you endless opportunities to explore not just the island, but also the underwater world, which is more thrilling and amazing. If you are a diving enthusiast and love to explore sea life, then the Bahamas could prove to be the ideal destination for you.

Scuba diving in Bahamas would really set the adrenaline in your blood rushing, especially when you encounter sharks and dolphins in the open seas. You would surely return home with a lot of stories about your absolutely extraordinary vacation in the Bahamas. However, if you are an inexperienced diver then do not feel disappointed. There are lots of scuba diving courses, which can teach you how to dive. It is absolutely easy to learn.

After completion of the course, you will be certified as a diver and can explore the new world underneath the sea waters. There are various tailor-made packages available for scuba diving, and you can easily avail one in accordance with your budget and requirements. Scuba diving is really irresistible as it unveils a completely undiscovered world, which is more interesting than the world above water.

The clear blue waters of the ocean make diving very convenient and pleasant. The out islands offer you a chance to see ship wrecks, reefs, blue holes, sea gardens, caves, walls, and shallow shoals, as well as breathtaking plant and animal life. Usually, most scuba diving packages offer you everything you need to have a safe and exciting adventure. From regulators, wet suits, dive lights and cameras, you can easily hire all equipment.

You can even opt for a shark diving package, where you get to observe these marine creatures closely, in a safe manner. All dive packages are accompanied by trained and qualified instructors, who always ensure the security of divers. These instructors will guide you through the entire diving process, and ensure safe encounters with these sea creatures. Some species of sharks that can be easily seen in these Caribbean waters are Lemon sharks, Bull sharks, and Hammerhead sharks. However, there is no specific diving season and you can easily book your package at any time.

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Apart from watching these sea creatures, diving packages also offer you an opportunity to view coral life and various shipwrecks that have created history. It can be really thrilling to watch ancient ships lying underwater.

If you are not a certified or professional diver, then you can opt for mini sub adventures, which have been designed to offer you a pleasurable experience. A mini-sub takes you down underwater to the depths of the ocean, to explore shipwrecks, coral reefs, and the abundant sea life of manta rays, mollusks, sea turtles and tropical fishes. Riding these submarines does not require any certification, and is absolutely easy and quick.

If you are a lone traveler and require personalized attention, then liveaboard scuba diving would be ideal for you. These diving packages provide an opportunity to access remote locations, which is not possible when you dive with a group. You can even maximize your number of dives and get the most out of your Caribbean trip. Liveaboards offer four to five dives a day, with minimal waits between dives. These boats have all facilities, and also help save your time packing and unpacking heavy gear bags.

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