Simple Visitor Facts to Know About Big Ben

There is this one famous clock that you’ll find just beside the Westminster Palace that everyone surely would notice as they come for some Parliament sessions in London. Who would not notice it when in fact is amazingly large and attracts the attention especially of the tourists? The bell of Big Ben was first rang in 1859. Its exact location is at the Abbey Gardens which is just right next to the Westminster Palace Bridge.

Almost no one has ever noticed that the clock has stopped but yes, it has for just quite a few times. Now, what has made it fully functional from the time it was designed up to the present? It is said that there are some coins that are being inserted so that the pendulum would continue to swing.

If you have not seen this yet, the best way to reach the place it through the Westminster underground station. It is a public transport that you can take a ride on. If you aren’t sure where to go, perhaps everyone around is surely friendly to guide you in this. Reaching there, you won’t only find Big Ben but also a lot more tourist attractions just around the area.

If you are with your family in a tour, another option than just taking the public transport could be having your own hired tour buses. This could be the best way especially that you can surely take photos of Big Ben and everything that you find along the way and around. Another advantage is that you won’t have to hurry up with catching the public transport and thus can allow you to hear how Big Ben does sound at each and every hour.

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If you want to take a very good photo of Big Ben, you’ll have to wait for a time in the evening when there’s less people around. This will give you the chance of having a clear and full picture not only of the large clock but the whole tower itself. The result would come excellent as the lights of the rest of the buildings allow the tower and the clock to be lighted up in a beautiful way. You’ll never leave the place disappointed as you carry along the experience as well as a wonderful souvenir of it that you took by yourself.

In addition to that, you can also contact someone in the locality to help you get to have a schedule for an actual tour exactly where Big Ben is. Yes, that is possible. You can climb the tower and see Big Ben just right close to you! This is another experience that surely makes one tourist have complete satisfaction and surely you would agree with me, right?

There are other tourists who are lining up to also experience as you desire. Thus, you are not allowed to stay there all day long but will last to only a couple of minutes and this is a chance for you at no cost. Also be sure to come as early as possible so you won’t miss your chance. Late comers aren’t accommodated anymore. They can allow you to come in groups or if you are alone, then you will be mixed up with other groups as well as individuals.

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