Some Basic Facts About Moving To Canada

If you are reading this I can only assume that you are planning a move to Canada. Perhaps the quality of living, job opportunity, or change of scenery has called you to Canada; no matter the reason, you will soon call another country home. This is an exciting time in your life, the chance to experience life and culture in another country; and you couldn’t have picked a more wonderful place to settle. More and more people are flocking to Canada for its beautiful sights, endless adventure and high quality of living.

But first things first, before you can live in Canada you are going to need to prepare for the move. This article will divulge some basic facts about moving to Canada, so you can be properly prepared for your international relocation.


Before you can drive or fly across the border into Canada to settle, you will need the proper status. If only we could just pick up and move across the border at will; but sadly, there are rules and we must follow them. For this reason you will need to acquire the proper residency status in order to work, live and stay in Canada for a long period of time.

First you will need to apply under a specific category in order to be accepted for working and living in Canada. Determine which category suits your situation best and then apply for immigration under that category. The categories are as follows:

  • Skilled workers & professionals this category is for those wishing to settle and work in Canada (excludes Quebec)
  • Skilled trades for those who want to immigrate based on their qualifications in a skilled trade
  • Quebec-selected skilled workers for those selected by the Quebec government to work and settle there
  • Canadian experience class for those that have recent Canadian work experience or those that have graduated and recently worked in Canada
  • Investors, self-employed people and entrepreneurs for those who wish to start a business in Canada
  • Provincial nominees for those whom have been nominated by one of Canada’s provinces or territories to work and settle there
  • Sponsoring your family for Canadian citizens or permanent residents wishing to sponsor a family member to join them in Canada
  • Live-in caregivers for those qualified individuals that provide care for children, elderly persons or persons with disabilities in private homes without supervision
  • Refugees for those individuals outside Canada who fear returning to their home country

Permanent Resident Status

You may also apply for permanent residence status in order to live, work and stay in Canada. As a permanent resident, you will acquire rights and privileges in Canada similar to Canadian citizens, but you will still remain a citizen of your home country. As a permanent resident of Canada you will be able to do the following:

  • Receive similar social benefits that Canadian citizens do, this includes health care
  • Work, live or study anywhere in Canada
  • Apply for Canadian citizenship
  • Protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms
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In order to receive this status you are obligated to pay taxes and respect Canadian laws at all levels.

As a permanent resident there are also some things you cannot do, as you are not a Canadian citizen; these are as follows:

  • You cannot run for political office or vote
  • Obtain certain jobs where high-level security clearance is a requirement
  • Stay in Canada if you are convicted of a serious criminal offense and have been ordered to leave Canada

If you would like to keep your permanent residence status you are required to live in Canada for at least two years of the five year period your permanent residence status is active. If you wish to relocate to Canada you will need to apply and be accepted for one of the above.

Canadian Customs Clearance

Not only do you have to apply and be accepted for residency status, but before your household goods can settle in your new home, they will need to clear Canadian customs. As with any country, there are certain items that are prohibited, banned, restricted and prohibited for entry. You should take it upon yourself to learn what these items are in order to prevent your shipment from being delayed, denied or fined. You can always ask your moving company for help regarding this issue so that your items will clear customs.

Finding a Canada Moving Company

Moving to Canada will be so much easier if you hire the right company. Make sure the company you choose are professionals with experience in international shipping; preferably with plenty of experience shipping into Canada. Companies with experience in shipping to Canada will know the proper procedures and planning needed, and will make your move much easier. You should also check that the company you are considering has a license to ship in and out of Canada; this is to make sure they are a reputable moving company.

Once you have done a little research, found a few good companies and compared them, your choice should be easy; just choose the company that works best for your specific move and budget.

International moves are not easy, but being prepared with the right information will make it much more tolerable. Use the above information to make your move to Canada successful.

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