The Benefits Of Choosing A Self Catering Holiday

The option to go self catering when going on holiday has always been available but in recent years it has continued to become more and more popular. There are a huge number of advantages to choosing to go on a self catering holiday, one of the main ones being the cost. By choosing the self catering option the cost of your holiday will be significantly reduced as the expected cost of your food and drinks is not piled on top of the price of the holiday. Self catering tends to be a much better option if you’re going away with children or a big group of people. The self catering option not only gives you much more flexibility but it makes meal times much less stressful too.

Children tend to be pretty fussy when it comes to food which means that holidays often turn out to be much more expensive if your food is included because you have to buy separate food for them. On a self catering holiday on the other hand it’s really easy to buy food that you know everyone will eat making the whole experience much more enjoyable.

If you go away with a group of friends then it’s unlikely that you’re all going to want to eat at the same time and in the same place so choosing to go on a self catering holiday means that you’ll have the freedom to eat when you want to and where you want to. Self catering holidays also offer a lot more flexibility as you don’t have to stick to the set meal times in the hotel.

Another huge benefit of choosing a self catering holiday is the choice that you gain with regards to accommodation. Whether you stay in the UK or choose to go abroad if you stay in catered accommodation then you will be very limited on the places you can stay. Most catered accommodation is hotels and you have to stay on the hotel complex in order to enjoy the benefits of prepared meals. However, if you opt to stay in self catered accommodation you have the freedom to choose a small secluded cottage for a romantic getaway or a ten bedroomed chateau in the French countryside, it depends completely on your circumstances.

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A lot of people are put off the idea of self catering because they want to get away from cooking – as they have to do it every day at home – however, if there’s a group of you then it means you can take it in turns or even try some new cuisine and eat out at local restaurants.

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