The Best Destinations For Your Summer Trips

With the winter season halfway over, it is time to start planning ahead for the warmer months of the year.  Forward thinking families can save hundreds of dollars by committing to travel plans early on.  Early vacation planning also can provide a source of excitement and motivation for you and your family or friends, as you all have something exciting to look forward to.    Among the best family-friendly experiences are trips to a Niagara Falls water park, camping at the Delaware Water Gap, or visiting Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia.

Take a Trip through Time

Colonial Williamsburg is one of the best places for a family that values balancing work and play.  Williamsburg is host to an array of historical attractions with Busch Gardens not too far away to offer modern entertainment for the whole family, too.  Since both attractions are so close together, it’s a perfect combination for a family to visit both within one trip.  Time permitting, it’s best to balance out a couple of days taking in the history at the art museums and historical sites with a day or two at the amusement park.  If you’re on a condensed visit, try going out with a tour group for a day.  Having a tour guide with you means catching all the highlights in far less time.

Explore the Great Outdoors

For families that enjoy nature, a camping trip is the ultimate in relaxation, and easy on the wallet!  Delaware Water Gap is a great location with plenty of activities to engage in during a vacation.  Leave your laptops and television set behind, because this trip is all about exploring nature.  Once you set up your camp site, you can forage into the woods on bicycles or with your hiking boots strapped on.  Also, there are low-level rapids on the Delaware River, which can be a great outing for a day when everyone piles into a raft.  There is also hunting, fishing, and grounds for picnics.  Whether you stay in a tent or a camper depends on your comfort level, but either way, you’re in for a refreshing trip here.

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Breathtaking Beauty

Niagara Falls is one of the most beautiful, romantic sites in the world.  Part of the reason behind this is science – the water falls produce a high concentration of negative ions.  Contrary to their name, negative ions help people produce serotonin, thus resulting in positive feelings.  It’s definitely a place that everyone should visit at least once in their life.  While you are there, it’s worth checking out the Niagara Falls water park.  After getting a boost from the water falls, you can safely dive down water slides in the park.  There are rides, restaurants, and plenty of water filled fun for the family.

So whether you prefer to visit historic sites, water parks, natural wonders, or all three, with proper planning, you will never run out of fun destinations to visit during the summer vacation months.

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