The Best IPhone Apps For Travellers

To say which are the best iPhone apps for travellers is impossible as there are so many available, each with their own unique features and functions. From apps that offer maps and GPS, to ones made just for use on public transport and others that help you organise your trip, there are literally thousands, however, some arguably stand above the rest for one reason or another and deserve a special mention.


This free app was conceived by two ex-Google boffins who have invented an algorithm that allows for instant, up-to-date information for over 8000 destinations. It uses sources such as wikitravel and openstreetmap, and is incredibly accurate. You do not necessarily have to be online to use the app and it comes with great features such as a currency converter, a very useful phrase book that can help you do anything from book a luxury Mykonos hotel to order a Margarita and it offers an activity suggestion for the area you are in.

Gokivo Navigator

This easy to use app is a great for people who are a little technophobic as its simplicity is its strength. It basically does what a good old fashioned navigational tool should do, that is, when you input your destination, it tells you where to go.


This app is especially good for frequent travellers and business trips as it allows you to keep track of all your details and itineraries. All you do is email things like your fight details, hotel bookings or anything else and the app will organise your trip for you.


Hailo is a great free app for the iPhone that will help anyone in need of a London taxi. It will not only find the nearest one for you, but give other information such as how long it will take for it to arrive, and the driver’s details. If you wish, you can also use it to pay by adding your credit card details and tip of choice.

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Urbanspoon is another free app for the iPhone that helps you find local amenities such as restaurants, bars and hotels.  You simply search for the type of place you are looking for, or you can search by price or rating. Urbanspoon is mainly for the London area, though it does have information on other cities as well.

XE Currency

XE Currency is very useful for all travellers as it gets live currency data from around the world. It also includes a calculator so you can work out exactly how much something costs and it can also be used offline, though with a little less accuracy.

UK Bus checker

This app does cost a small fee but is essential for people traveling around the UK and expecting to use the public transport. It provides up-to-date information for over 300,000 bus stops around the country including arrival/destination times, route maps and info on any delays that might be imminent. Another great feature of the UK Bus Checker app is that it gives off an alarm when the traveller should get off the bus at the next stop.

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