The Many Uses For Charleston Vacation Rentals

Charleston vacation rentals offer close access to the beautiful Charleston area beaches and include every type of accommodation. There are upscale villas, economical condos and budget Charleston vacation rentals. You will find that the area’s gorgeous beaches are just minutes from downtown old city Charleston, and there is a never a shortage of things to do in the area.

Charleston beaches are among the Ten Top Beaches for Families, according to Travel magazine. It’s no wonder with so many ways to enjoy the water. Small children enjoy the tidal pools and safe low tides. Older children enjoy jumping the middle-sized waves. Teens can try a boogie board on the waves or along the thin waters on the shore. Sometimes the surf is big enough to allow surf-boarding, and you won’t have to fight fearsome waves to learn to do it. Looking for seashells and playing in the sand offer hours of fun to young and old.

Charleston vacation rentals also offer the opportunity to go sailing, go deep sea fishing, or learn to jet-ski on the ocean. Rentals and charters are available in several locations. Charters take eager fishermen out where the fish are biting. Of course, if you want to eat fish without catching them yourself, you will find lots of seafood restaurants near the beach as well as fun bars and upscale restaurants.

Kayaking along the river marshes is another favorite activity. You can select guided tours or just rent a kayak and set off on your own. Dolphins sometimes frequent the deep, brackish marshes, chasing after the fish that try to hide there. Watching wildlife can happen anywhere on Charleston beaches. There are the brown pelicans, a protected species, and many tall shore birds. The seagulls and the funny little sandpipers often entertain children with their antics. Many beaches are home to sea turtles nests, and the area takes its job of protecting the sea turtles very seriously. It’s fun to find turtle tracks or to actually see one in the water. On rare occasions, you might even encounter turtle hatchlings on their way to the sea.

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Charleston beaches have been called one of the most romantic beaches in the United States. They are a destination for honeymoons, for wedding parties, and for weddings. A Charleston vacation rental is a perfect treat for the honeymooning couple who wants to get away from it all. For weddings, his and her Charleston rentals can be the perfect launching spot. It’s fun to keep the wedding party together. For a wedding on the beach itself, everyone can enjoy Charleston vacation rentals and beach time before, during, and after the ceremony.

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