Three Unexpected Vacation Destinations That Will Make Your Friends Jealous

Everybody can use a vacation now and again, but what kind of vacation do you want? Some people prefer a luxury resort: fly in, hit the beach, lounge at the bar, and never leave the premises. For many others however, a little bit of adventure and cultural exploration can be the best kind of R&R. We happen to like trips that offer a mix of both luxury and adventure but how to get the right balance? Here are three vacation destinations that have a flair of exotic mystery plus a whole lot of pampering options. Your friends will be asking you about your trip for years.

1. Morocco.

If there’s any one country that conjures up images of exotic beauty, it’s Morocco. Morocco is on the north coast of Africa, with the beautiful Mediterranean coast on one side and the rugged Sahara desert on the other. Over the centuries it has been a crossroads for trade between Europe and the Muslim world, which has affected its art, food and people. Featuring a truly unique blend of Spanish, Muslim and local tribal culture, a vacation in Moroccois the perfect plan for your next adventure and your beach time.

2. Peru.

Many people don’t think of South America when they plan their vacations Mexico is often as far south of the border as Americans want to go. But there’s a whole continent of unique and beautiful cultures, and Peru offers one of the best blends of breathtaking natural beauty, ancient ruins, and modern-day convenience. It’s also one of the most stable countries in Latin America, with a strong tourist industry and plenty of expat communities. Fly into Lima for great wine and food, and book a hike up to Machu Picchu for some of the most stunning sights you’ll ever see.

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3. The Village of Pai.

Recommending one specific village is awfully specific, but trust us it’s worth it. Thailand in general is a popular destination, but Bangkok can be overwhelming. Instead, fly into the northern city of Chiang Mai and take a bus (or rent a motorbike) for a five hour drive to the village of Pai. This is where Thai people themselves take their vacations. $2 half hour massages, fifty cent fresh sushi, natural hot springs, and amazing mountain scenery and traditional farms with an active city center and full-service hotels. How could you go wrong?

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