Top 6 Reasons to Choose Luxury Hotels Over Budget Hotels

Holidays are planned so that people can enjoy some light and relaxing moments in the lap of nature’s serenity, far away from the noises and pollution of city life. However, to make a good plan it is essential that important things related to a vacation are done in advance. When it comes to visiting a place for the first time, the most important thing one would need to pay attention to is convenient accommodation. Whether a hotel or a villa, a resort or a cottage, it should be budget friendly as well as compatible with your holiday plan.

There are groups of people who prefer to stay in luxury hotels around the world. On the other hand, there are some who believe that budget hotels are better. Here are some factors that people usually consider while selecting a hotel, whether luxury or budget.

Availability of modern amenities

  •   Quality of service
  •  Reasonable price range
  •   Prime location
  •   Modern culture and society
  •   Hassle-free booking facility

Modern Amenities

There was a time when the term hotel referred to basic accommodation, where one would find a bed, a small table, a cupboard, a washstand and a few other items inside a hotel room. Most such hotels had communal toilets for their guests. Even today, if you work hard on finding such a hotel you will not be disappointed. There are still some hotels that have nothing more to offer their guests, than the things mentioned above. These hotels undoubtedly fall into the category of budget hotels.

On the other hand, luxury hotels have an altogether different ambience, which attracts the attention of large groups of travelers. Each room in these hotels is fully equipped with modern amenities, such as air conditioning, television, telephone, Internet connectivity, a mini-bar and much more. A mini-bar is mainly used by the guests to store food and beverages. Even the bathrooms are decorated to satisfy the tastes of priority customers.

Quality of Service

Compared to budget hotels, the employees in luxury hotels are much more professional in attitude, and are always prompt at providing service to guests. Prices charged by these hotels are comparatively high, but clients are always kept satisfied by not compromising on the quality of service offered. In case of a luxury hotel, one can expect a high level of hospitality and etiquette, which is usually missing in low budget hotels.

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Reasonable Price Range

It is true that in comparison to budget hotels, luxury ones charge a high price. However, their services, modern amenities and other qualities are also of a high standard. It is also notable that all luxury hotels do not charge a very high amount, and some of them have prices that are affordable to most travelers.

Prime Location

Most budget hotels are very old, as these days, the hotel industry is concentrating only on building big and luxurious hotels. These recently built hotels are usually found in me-de-la me areas of top tourist destinations. As a result, tourists staying in these hotels can easily reach common sightseeing destinations.

Modern Culture and Society

The newly built hotels are especially meant for those who live a lavish lifestyle even when they are out of their home. Moreover, these hotels are liked by all because they were made while keeping in mind the tastes of modern people, and their expectations of hotel accommodation. These hotels are perfect not only for family tours, but also for hen and stag weekends, student outings, and newlywed couples’ honeymoons.

Hassle Free Booking Facility

One of the best advantages of choosing a luxury hotel is the easy process of booking a room in advance. Most of these hotels have official websites with an online booking facility. Hence, people find it easier to contact the hotel by filling up the required information in an online form, and sending an enquiry. Due to a team of dedicated employees, these hotels never fail to give a quick response to prospective clients.


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