Top Five Adventure Travel Tips

Unlike travelling to a foreign destination to see a new culture, one has to be very well prepared for an adventure trip. It can be enjoyable only if you are the kind of person who is ready for the challenge. If you are not generally comfortable going out of your comfort zone maybe you have to think twice about an adventure trip. It will be all about experiencing a totally different way of life that is totally in contrast with the life you are enjoying now.

Next step is to ask yourself if you are  physically fit enough to face the challenge. Some adventure travellers start getting ready for the trip few months in advance by training themselves with running and cycling etc. so the adventure travel will be a piece of cake. Hence before you follow any of the below  tips you have to make sure that you are ready for this kind of trip.

1. Read and research about the destination you intend to visit. A foreign country and culture is always something very interesting. But you have to get ready get used to the country, people and their way of life to enjoy the journey. The infrastructure of the foreign destination might not be the same as back home and the efficiency of the public transport may have a different sense for them. Be prepared to embrace the things the way they are. It will help you to merge with the locals smoothly.

2. Secure your valuables. Carry a suitcase or a backpack that you can lock with a padlock. The most important valuables such as your passport, money and other important documents can be kept secure with you all the time as some travellers prefer to do. Most of them use a shoulder bag to keep their valuables next to them all the time and the others use  a neck lanyard.

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3. Make a travel plan in advance but be flexible. Our general life experiences have often taught us that the perfect situations can go wrong. And also when you are in another country, their way of efficiency may not be the same as you that you are familiar with. On top of that there are possible training/bus cancellations, unexpected sicknesses, political situations might come across forcing you to make sudden changes in your plans.

4. Have a basic idea about the language and geography of the destination. Study some important phrases of the local language and maybe keep them written on  a piece of paper. You will never know when you would want to say SOS during an adventure trip.

5. Keep a well stocked toilet bag with you always. You never know when the nature calls during a trekking trip. In addition to the common items such as toilet paper, toothbrush, toothpaste etc. add items such as mosquito repellent, water purification tablets. Also essentially keep some baby wipes well stocked. When you are far away from the civilisation these wipes can be useful for many things. When you are on a trekking trip the only way of having a shower might be with the help of baby wipes.

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