Top Road Trips From America’s Biggest Cities

The United States of America is an attractive proposition for anyone who loves a good road trip. Even those that have never been to the land of opportunity must have witnessed some form of American road movie, be it a classic like Easy Rider or a modern incantation of life on the highway. Indeed, British icons Stephen Fry and Billy Connolly have filmed their journeys across the country, all in the name of entertainment.

For those who happen to live in America’s most populous cities, getting the opportunity to drive away from the hustle and bustle of their home every once in a while and set a course for somewhere more remote, is certainly welcome by most.

The following road trip destinations are accessible from the country’s major cities and can be reached within just a few hours in the majority of cases. If you are planning on an expedition to the US in the near future, you may wish to bear these options in mind, especially if you want to get away from the built up areas and hit the open road in a hired car.

A Break From New York City

Many people flock to Manhattan every year to take in the sights of this ultra-cool city, but there is a reason why those who live here feel the need to get away to the Hamptons whenever they can. Offering a haven from the cauldron of activity that is NYC; the Hamptons – and Montauk in particular – is just two and a half hours away by car. Beautiful beaches and fine restaurants are just some of the attractions bringing road trippers to this laid back spot.

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A World Away From LA

Santa Barbara is just a short car journey away from Los Angeles (1 hour, 30 minutes), but it can certainly offer respite from its overbearing neighbour. While there are so many roadworthy options when heading out from LA, the 100-mile trip to Santa Barbara is worth taking to check out the beaches, wineries and soak up its relaxed small town vibe.

Leave Boston, Head To Cape Cod

This is a popular pick for Bostonians and those within reach of this summer beach holiday destination, with plenty to do for everyone. Whether you want to take time out to relax here and paint or write, or engage in the lively nightlife, this arm shaped peninsula is just over an hour away from the city of Boston and so provides the perfect getaway.

There are, of course, many road trips to take in the US, not least the famous Route 66 from Chicago to LA, or the various courses you can map out that encompass sights like the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas or driving adventures based around the country’s beautiful national parks.

Why not choose to fly to a city such as New York or Los Angeles and then rent a top automobile, taking it to some of the places mentioned above? That would make for a truly exciting trip and one most holidaymakers tend to miss out on.

Gary Peters is a recent law graduate who took time out to travel the world following completion of his studies. He recommends using a specialist provider such as World Bound when organising such a trip.

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