Top Three Hen Party Locations in Ireland for Adventurous Hens

Hens that love the outdoors will want more than the usual high tea parties, night on the town, and girls’ night in. Since a woman’s hen party is all about doing activities that she loves, more adventurous hens will long for other hen party activities.

What do adventurous hens want? Well, that all depends on the sort of activity that they’d like to experience. Hens can choose among so many outdoor recreational activities that can take place on land, water, and air. That’s also why there are certain locations that will be perfect for different activities. For hens that are planning to have an adventurous hen party in Ireland, here are three of the best locations based on the activities they have to offer.

Carrick on Shannon

It has been said that Carrick on Shannon is the Hen Party Capital of Ireland mainly because of its lively nightlife. However, that’s not all there is to it. Hens that enjoy being one with nature will definitely have fun in this small town in County Leitrim.

Some folks may not be aware of the fact that this town has a total of forty one lakes within a ten kilometer radius from the town proper. That makes Carrick on Shannon one of the best locations for cruises, water based activities, and even glamping?

Those who are not familiar with the word should know that it probably came from two words, glamorous and camping. Hens that wish for the best of both worlds can choose to go glamping in this town. Glamping allows hens to fully experience the great outdoors in luxury, comfort, and style.


As a major town in County Donegal, Letterkenny the best place for hens to stay in if they wish to experience everything that the county has to offer. The county is known for having some of the best beaches in Europe for surfing.

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Hens that do not exactly enjoy surfing, but enjoy spending time by the beach should also consider going to this Irish town. County Donegal isn’t just known for its sandy beaches, it also possesses spectacular natural scenery of mountains, lakes, woodlands, and raised boglands. The Glenveagh National Park can be the ultimate destination for adventurous hens as it is known for having all of that.


Killarney is famous for being the starting point of the Ring of Kerry. A town in County Kerry known for its history, natural heritage, and location makes this town one of the most popular tourist destinations for travelers that long to see majestic sceneries of the county’s natural and man-made attractions.

Hens that choose to go to Killarney can also have the best of both worlds in a way. The town’s vibrant nightlife tends to be alive seven days a week especially during the summer season. That means hens that choose to celebrate their last night of freedom in this town can enjoy being one with nature and party every night if they wish to.

Killarney is known for its lakes within Killarney National Park. Those lakes make this town the perfect location for water based activities like boating, canoeing, or kayaking. At the same time, Killarney National Park also offers diverse flora and fauna that are native to the region. Hens that wish to see and maybe experience going to beautiful islands, waterfalls, hills, and mountains will definitely have a great time in Killarney.

These are just three of the best hen party locations in Ireland for hens with a sense of adventure. Adventurous hens will never go wrong in choosing any of those as their hen weekend or hen do location.

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