Ways to Make a Long Flight Comfortable

A long domestic or international flight can often spoil what should have been a pleasant vacation or business adventure. Plus, if this is your first time in a long flight, everything can seem intimidating. However, these guidelines can help make your travel as comfortable and painless as possible:

  • Have a good seat. Even with the same class and fare, some seats can be far superior than others. Consider an aisle seat for getting leg room or a window if you want to sleep. Avoid seats near lavatories/ toilets as people will be frequenting it. People walking to and from the toilets can bump on your seats and cause disturbance for you. Plus, the noise and light from the toilet door can be annoying, especially when you are trying to get a nap.
  • If you are planning to sleep, come prepared for it. Bring a head restraint or a travel pillow. Try to avoid using the inflatable ones.
  • Bring something to entertain yourself. The built- in music selection can be poor and not to your tastes. Do bring an iPod. Download your favorite songs in it. You could also bring a book to read or some games to play.
  • If it’s possible, go with a video that offers A.V.O.D (Audio Video on Demand). It’s a TV screen in front of your seat that allows you to choose what you want to play, watch or listen to. It’s a good idea to bring your own headphone as those provided by the airplane are usually not of very good quality. In- ear or noise- canceling headphones are great and shall block out the engine noise.
  • Minimize the luggage you are carrying. A backpack is fine for the plane. You can easily put the backpack inside the overhead bin or under the seat.
  • Call your airline service to order for your meal. Passengers who make special meal requests are generally served first.
  • At the end of a long flight, your body can start aching because of sitting in the same posture throughout. Do some on- seat exercises like circling ankles, stretching arms, etc. But be careful not to hurt or disturb others. Some airlines also have room at the back of the cabins where passengers can do some back stretches. Some airlines also provide in- flight exercise video, designed to reduce fatigue and help with body circulation.
  • Don’t look at the time too often during the flight. You can’t help it. It is a long journey and will feel longer if you keep looking at the time. Also don’t keep on checking out the in- flight map showing the current position of the flight.
  • Bring a toothbrush or a mouth freshener with which you can freshen up before you meet your loved one at the end of the long journey. They and your co- passengers will be glad you did it.
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Look out for discount on flights. There are many special offers that airlines often provide. If you are traveling to Europe, you can avail the discount flights that are available. You just have to keep a check.

Stuart is a renowned author. he has written many articles on travel and tourism, she being a travel enthusiast himself. In this article he writes about how to make a long flight journey comfortable.

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