What Is There To Enjoy About Cyprus?

A huge amount of people like to take the opportunity to visit a separate country to their own at some point throughout each year and there are many destinations that are particularly popular. There are numerous reasons why someone would decide to venture to a foreign location and these include taking a relaxing break, searching the various points of educational and historical interest, and wanting to experience a completely new culture.

Cyprus is a nation that possesses many possibilities and it is a place that lots of visitors decide to make a trip to again at some point in the future. Within the country there are areas in which to party and celebrate, as well as places to step back and savour in a rather different manner. The sunny weather is always a guaranteed attraction and there is the local cuisine to sample too of course. For those who are considering whether to visit Cyprus or not these are some of the best things you will get to enjoy if you make the choice to go along.

Cypriot wine

Wine plays a significant role in Cypriot culture and it is enjoyed all across the island, with over 50 wineries including Fikardos, Sterna, Kalamos, Tsangarides, Yiaskouris and Lagria to name but a few. There is also the Wine Festival of Cyprus which is held every year in Limassol having been originally started back in 1961.The event takes place towards the end of August and lasts into the beginning of September, attracting well over 100,000 attendees annually.

Lively destinations

When it comes to a vibrant holiday Cyprus has a few choices to offer, including a destination that has grown immensely in popularity over the last decade or two. Ayia Napa became the hotbed for British tourists in the late 90s and early 2000s as the UK garage genre of music hit its peak. As a result, bars and clubs in Ayia Napa were packed out by the latest performers and word of the atmosphere began to spread. There is also Limassol which can be found on the southern coast of the island, and this is the largest resort in Cyprus.

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National cuisine

For an authentic taste of Mediterranean life, Cyprus can provide it with the vast array of traditional tavernas supplying local and national dishes. Cypriot food includes halloumi cheese, souvla, loukaniko and anari, and you can enjoy a relaxing evening listening to soothing music as you dine.

Historical points of interest

There is always an opportunity to learn when you visit Cyprus and there are a number of different historical sites to take in and familiarise yourself with. The archaeological hotspot of Kourion provides a glimpse into the history of the island through its Ancient Roman ruins. There is also the Church of Agios Lazaros which was constructed in the tenth century and is said to have been built above the tomb of Saint Lazarus. Many tourists choose to make a trip to Amathus, an ancient city with an interesting history and many stories.

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